3 Ways to Check if an Email Is Real or Fake

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3 Ways to Check if an Email Is Real or Fake

Have you ever received an email that seemed to be from a corporation but was suspicious? Scammers employ a variety of methods to fake email addresses.

We’ll go through a few methods for distinguishing genuine emails from forgeries in this section.

1. Check the “From” Address

Fake emails with similar-looking “from” addresses to the actual email addresses are common.

Consider the case of Apple. If you get an email from Apple, the email address will be noreply@apple.com. Scammers would attempt to trick the receiver by using similar email addresses, such as noreply@appleinc.com.

Another example is how fraudsters type the names of well-known firms in order to defraud the audience. They may, for example, misspell Microsoft with a ‘r’ and a ‘n’ to make it appear like an’m’.

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Scammers might also use other blocking or spoofing software to display you the legitimate email address. In this instance, determining whether or not the email is genuine is significantly more difficult. Any spelling errors in the email, as well as suspicious-looking links, are red flags.

2. Check the “Reply To” Address

When you get an email, you usually respond to the same email address, unless otherwise specified. Scammers do not have access to the victims’ email accounts when they send fraudulent emails using someone else’s email addresses.

If a scam email requires a response from you, the “Reply To” section will show a different email address from the one who sent you the email.

Scammers employ this strategy to elicit responses by luring you to read and react to emails that include the names of well-known brands, enterprises, and governmental agencies, among other things.

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SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are the three most used email security solutions. These technologies assist email receivers in determining if an email is indeed from the recipient or a fraudster.

Most big websites and businesses properly implement these three security measures, which enable your mail client to recognize and filter bogus emails. It’s important to remember that some businesses may not employ or enforce these technologies correctly.

To assess an email’s security, click the three dots in the top-right corner of any suspicious email and choose Show Original (or equivalent).You can view each of the security tests and whether the email succeeded or failed here.

While the status cannot tell you whether or not an email is genuine, it may provide a fair indication. If you notice a fail or soft fail result, you should generally treat the email with caution.

Why Should You Check Your Emails?

With so many checks, firewalls, and levels of protection available, you may be asking why your email does not automatically scan for and filter out spam and fraudulent emails. The truth is that, in a recent SPF assessment of 140 million domains, 80 percent had no SPF records, which is the minimal minimum for security.

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Without SPF data, your email account cannot correctly filter out spam communications. This is why you sometimes discover critical emails in your Junk folder and the occasional spam email in your Inbox.

There is no one test or symptom that can tell you if an email is real or suspect. You may need to run many tests to determine if an email is authentic or not.

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It’s Always Best to Check Suspicious Emails

When you suspect that you have received a strange email, you should always verify the items listed above. Hacking, scamming, and internet fraud are becoming more widespread. Scammers use many ways to deceive the general people that knows little to nothing about technology.

Because of the huge trend toward digitization, the amount of fake emails will only increase in the future. When in doubt, use cautious and double-check.

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