3 Ways to Block Images From Webpages in Google Chrome

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3 Ways to Block Images From Webpages in Google Chrome

Images improve websites and pages in a variety of ways. However, picture-heavy websites may take a little longer to completely load in browsers than text-only ones. As a result, some users opt to disable pictures on web sites in order to speed up surfing.

Most consumers use Google Chrome as their browser of choice. With that browser’s features and addons, there are a few methods to restrict graphics on websites.

Here are three distinct strategies for speeding up surfing in Google Chrome by blocking page graphics.

How to Block Images With Chrome’s Built-in Setting

Google Chrome has a plethora of site control options via which you may modify website access and content. The image content settings in that browser allow you to suppress images on all websites or on specified ones.

You can block images with those settings as follows:

  1. On the far right side of the URL toolbar, click the Customize and control Google Chrome menu button.
  2. Select Settings from the menu to open that tab.
  3. On the left side of Google Chrome, choose Privacy and security.
  4. To access the content choices, go to Site Settings.
  5. Then click Images to see the alternatives straight below.
  6. Select the radio option Don’t allow sites to display photos.

All websites you open in Chrome from now on will be image-free. If you like, you may customize just select pages to not display any images.

To do so, choose the Not permitted to display photographs option and click the Add button. Then, in the text box that appears, enter a website URL for which you want to block images and click the Add button.

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You may still allow particular sites to display photos if you keep the Don’t allow sites to show images option enabled. Select Add for the Allowed to display photos option to do so. Enter the URL of the website you want to enable images on and click Add.

How to Remove Webpage Images in Chrome With Image Blocker

You may disable pictures on sites using Chrome extensions in addition to the built-in controls. Image blocker is an extension that adds a convenient button to Chrome’s URL toolbar for suppressing website images.

You may deactivate pictures on all sites open in a tab by clicking that button.

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Open the Image blocker website to install the plugin to Chrome. On that page, click the Add to Chrome option.

Following that, you should see an Image blocker button on the browser’s URL toolbar, as seen in the screenshot below. If not, go to the Extensions tab and pick the Image Blocker Pin option.

Open a site on which you want to disable images. When you click the Image blocker button, all images on that website and any others you access inside its tab will be removed. You may rapidly recover photos by pressing the extension’s button.

To set the extension to conceal page images by default for new tabs, right-click its toolbar button and choose Options. Select the Hide radio button, as seen below. When you open new tabs, photos on websites will be disabled.

Download: Image blocker for Chrome (Free)

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How to Remove Images From Webpages in Chrome With Text Mode

Text Mode is another useful addon for eliminating pictures on Google Chrome websites. Pages are rendered in black-and-white text-only mode by the extension.

Aside from photos, it also removes movies, animations, and advertisements from websites. When sites are completely decluttered, Text Mode may make surfing substantially faster.

Text Mode may be downloaded through the Web Chrome Store. To install the extension, go to that website and click the Add to Chrome button. The browser’s toolbar will thereafter display a Text Mode button.

Now press the Text Mode button. You’ll activate text-only mode for all sites you access in Google Chrome as a result. To observe the outcome, open a few web sites.

The browser will show such sites in black and white. If you want to deactivate graphics while keeping color pages, you must specify the B&W Text Mode parameters.

Right-click the Text Mode button and choose Options. Then uncheck the options for Desaturate colors and White background pages.

You may also customize the picture replacement boxes that appear on sites. You may have entirely gray boxes or blank boxes with diagonal lines.

Download: Text Mode for Chrome (Free)

Block Images to Speed Up Your Browsing

As a result, you don’t need to upgrade your network to speed up your surfing. Instead, use any of the three ways listed above to block pictures on websites.

Whatever way you choose to deactivate images, it will all speed up your surfing in Google Chrome. Page load times will be reduced if photos are removed from websites.

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You may also install Text Mode and Image Blocker to other Chromium-based browsers. Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi are all compatible with Google Chrome extensions.

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