3 Sites That Show How Long It Takes to Beat a Video Game

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3 Sites That Show How Long It Takes to Beat a Video Game

Because each film or episode has a predetermined length, it’s simple to estimate how long it will take you to watch it. However, video games are unique in that the time it takes to complete them is heavily dependent on the player.

But you don’t have to be in the dark about how long it will take to conquer a certain video game. Let’s have a look at several online sites that may help you determine the approximate length of any title.

If you just visit one website to determine how long it will take to finish a video game, make it this one. HowLongToBeat (HLTB) is a website devoted to tracking video game durations. It’s user-driven, which means you can see how long other players took to complete games.

On the site, you’ll notice trending titles, and you may search for any game you’re interested in. When you visit a game’s website, you’ll see four different play styles displayed. These are the following:

  • Main Story: Doing just what is necessary to get to the end credits while ignoring optional information.
  • Main Plus Extras: Taking your time to investigate and achieve various side tasks, rather than rushing through every assignment.
  • Completionist: Playing all the game has to offer, including extra modes.
  • All Styles: A combination of the previous three play styles, intended to provide an average assessment.

HLTB offers a scale to indicate the accuracy of its estimations. The hue of a category changes from red to purple to blue as more entries are received. Keep in mind that more obscure games will have less information, therefore the findings will be less accurate.

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HowLongToBeat contains a wealth of information if you’re looking for more. Scroll down a game’s page to discover how many times each category has been filed, as well as the average and highest/lowest times. The Retirement % displays how many players began but did not complete the game, giving you a sense of how frequent it is to stop the game early.

The platforms on which others played are listed at the bottom of the page. Additionally, if you select Completions at the top, you can see individual entries as well as any remarks the user supplied.

To take things a step further, you may create a free account on HLTB to monitor your games. This allows you to categorize games as Backlog or Retired, making it simpler to anticipate how long it will take to finish your collection. You may, of course, post your own timings for games.

GameLengths doesn’t have nearly as many submissions as HLTB, but it’s worth a look for a different perspective. Look up a game to find the average, minimum, and maximum times based on user submissions. Select Time Distribution to examine specific runtimes for a more detailed analysis.

Unlike HLTB, where speedruns have their own category, GameLengths does not discriminate between them and casual runs. There’s also no way to customize your play style. As a result, some of the times may be absurdly short or lengthy. If you’re interested in learning about speedrunning strategies, check out our RNG tutorial.

Aside than that, you may browse by console and genre at the top, and read comments if someone left them. If you create an account, you may add your own timings. It’s simple, yet you may like visiting this site from time to time.

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3. Reddit, GameFAQs, and Other Forums

The aforementioned two sources, particularly HLTB, should be sufficient to help you estimate the length of a game. If you don’t like these averages, another alternative is to visit game-specific forums. The two greatest locations for this are Reddit and GameFAQs.

You can check a game’s subreddit or GameFAQs board, but it’s easier to Google “how long is Breath of the Wild Reddit” or something similar. You could even find articles on gaming websites debating the duration of famous games. Whether they originate from HLTB or the author’s own experience will most likely depend on how fresh it is.

Reading these threads may help you add a more personal touch to game length conversations. Someone on a forum may submit further information about themselves, such as which sorts of games they excel at, how long the game held their attention, and so on. In that sense, it’s similar like discussing a game with a group of friends.

Game Length Is Not an Exact Science

Remember that you can’t predict how long a game will last. Someone who is more proficient than you in a certain genre may beat a game far quicker than you. If a game needs you to stay alert in order to discover everything, and you have a habit of missing those hints, you may be missing out on hours of gaming.

Playing the game several times and becoming better each time is more enjoyable for certain titles. Dishonored-style games are replayable since they allow for different methods.

It is also worth noting that the duration of a game does not equate to its quality. There are short games that provide unforgettable experiences, yet many lengthy games are dull and will have you wanting to quit playing before the credits roll.

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If you want to play a game but don’t believe the price is worth it, look into the top sites for video game price notifications. When the game is on sale, you’ll be notified so you can get it at a reasonable price.

Learn How Long Any Game Takes to Beat

With these tools, you can easily predict how long a game will take you. This is valuable knowledge to have whether you’re on a budget and want to know how long your next purchase will last or you’re attempting to prioritize your backlog.

Once you’re finished, remember to pay it forward by reporting your own times! You should take pauses while playing to prevent overdoing it.

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