3 Insanely Rare and Valuable Atari 2600 Games You Wish You Owned

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3 Insanely Rare and Valuable Atari 2600 Games You Wish You Owned

Nintendo systems are often mentioned by players when they are nostalgic about older games. Sure, Stadium Events and the Nintendo World Championships are expensive on the NES, but Atari offers numerous games that easily compete in terms of value.

Consider yourself among the fortunate few if you have one of them. And if you chance to come across one of these on Craigslist or at a yard sale, act quickly!

Air Raid is often regarded as the holy grail of Atari cartridges among video game collectors. There are just a handful known to exist, and even fewer with the box. The game sells for roughly $3,000 on its own. No, it wasn’t a mistake; the cartridge alone is worth roughly $3,000.00.

The most recent edition to enter the market with the box included for an even more mind-boggling $33,000. That implies the small piece of cardboard is worth more than the game itself. What’s more bizarre is that Air Raid was commercially released, while most very rare games were never sold in shops.

rare valuable atari 2600 games
Image Credit: AtariAge

The cartridge has a unique design. It is light blue in color and has a T-shaped handle on top. Though it’s unlike other Atari 2600 games, it really looks very great. If you came across one, you’d recognize it immediately away. Anyone who has Air Raid in their collection has made other collectors jealous.

Atari enthusiasts were not even aware of this game until 2007. It was almost lost to history until it was discovered at a yard sale. Red Sea Crossing was very difficult to get since it was only available via mail order. Furthermore, just one advertisement for the game’s initial release has been discovered, which explains why no one purchased it (or ever heard of it) when it was new.

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So, how much is this very rare game really worth? The most recent loose cartridge sold for a whopping $13,800. No boxed copies have ever been released to the public, but it’s easy to assume that if one did, it would likely cost approximately the same as Air Raid.

rare valuable atari 2600 games
Image Credit: Atari Mania

Consider yourself really fortunate if you happened to order away for this game and have one sitting in your closet. However, if you had it and were the person who sold your copy at a garage sale, we feel for you.

This is another another special order game, but it has an intriguing twist. Buyers would order it as a gift, and the creators would add the recipient’s name on the title screen. On the front, there was also a space to put the name of the person receiving the gift. This is about as personalized as video game-related presents go.

Unfortunately for the corporation that created it, but fortunately for collectors today, the notion did not take on. As a result, copies are very difficult to come by. It is so uncommon that just two or three copies are known to exist.

Because this game has never been offered to the general public, determining its genuine worth is difficult. We just have a record of a $6,500 offer on a copy, so that’s all we have to rely on. Perhaps more copies will emerge in the future, but for now, this is certainly one of the rarest video games available, and one that collectors all around the globe would be ready to pay exorbitant prices for.

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Just Scratching the Surface

The video collector hobby moves quickly. Valuations appear to rise and fall at random, but these three jewels have lasted the test of time, with startling values in the hundreds of dollars. Even if the value of loose copies of Air Raid has decreased in recent years, it is still worth more than most other games!

In some respects, these outrageously lucrative games are just the top of the iceberg. River Patrol, Beany Bopper [Xante], Cakewalk, Video Life, and Atlantis II are all worth more than $500. When you start playing games that cost more than $100, you realize that the Atari 2600 can be a money mine. Of course, there are games like E.T. that aren’t even worth the plastic they’re packaged in.

However, if these games are too pricey for you, look for rare games that you can download digitally without breaking the bank.

Do you have any of these really rare games? Will you look for them the next time you go to a garage sale? What are the most valuable games in your collection? Let us know in the comments section below!

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