3 Easy Ways to Back Up Your iPhone Voicemails

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3 Easy Ways to Back Up Your iPhone Voicemails

If you want to keep your iPhone neat, the voicemail folder might be a pain. Fortunately, voicemails may be backed up to your computer, with numerous cloud-based and offline alternatives accessible to iPhone users. This allows you to keep crucial voicemails while making place for new ones.

If you want to preserve your voicemails, this guide will show you numerous options.

The simplest approach to store iPhone voicemails is to open the message and hit the iOS Share button. The voicemail may then be saved to your iCloud Drive or sent to yourself. You may also save it to your iOS files to save a copy, and you can remove it from the Voicemail folder to create place for more.

You may also AirDrop the file to another iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

You may also save the file to your phone’s internet storage software, such as Dropbox. The voicemail is kept in M4A format. This option is only accessible to iPhone users running iOS 9 or later, and you can only store one voicemail at a time, which may be laborious.

Open the Phone app and go to the Voicemail folder to share or download a voicemail. Then, hit the Share button next to the voicemail you wish to preserve. There are many options for sharing or downloading the voicemail.

voicemail share and save

2. Transfer Multiple Voicemails With a Computer

If you want to avoid the cloud entirely, or if you want to preserve numerous voicemails at once, you may use iTunes to transfer the files to your computer.

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To begin, hit the iOS share button, followed by the Voice Memos icon. The voicemail will be saved to the native iOS voice notes app.

voice memo share

Second, connect your phone to your computer, launch iTunes or Finder, and sync it. If you haven’t used your phone’s Voice Memos app in a while, a new Voice Memos page will emerge under On My Device in iTunes or Finder, and you should be able to see your voicemails listed there, which you can listen back straight on your computer.

The actual files should be kept in your Music folder, in a new folder named Voice Memos. The voicemails may then be clipped or copied and pasted anywhere on your computer.

3. Use a Third-Party App to Download and Sort Voicemails

If you don’t like iTunes but still want to store voicemails to your computer, you may use a third-party tool that lets you transfer files to and from your phone. There are additional applications for recording phone calls on your iPhone.

World Voicemail is one program that accomplishes this well (subscription required, free trial available).If you have a mobile provider that enables Conditional Call Diversion, World Voicemail will operate. World Voicemail can help you browse through hundreds of voicemails and download those that are significant to you.

This is great for folks who use their iPhones for business and have a large number of emails. World Voicemail provides a one-week free trial before requiring a monthly membership.

Download and Save Voicemails With Ease

If you have an excessive number of voicemails on your iPhone, your voicemail box may get full and you will not receive any new messages. If you need to save crucial voicemails, try downloading them before deleting them. You can keep the critical information while still freeing up space in your voicemail folder.

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