3 Best Sites To Download Free Funny Voicemail Messages

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3 Best Sites To Download Free Funny Voicemail Messages

Is there anybody who remembers the answering machine? You know what your 800 voicemails have rendered obsolete? Maybe your folks have one still. They constantly broke down and had a flashing red number on them.

What I remember and liked about answering machines was that you could purchase pre-recorded messages on cassette tapes so that your callers could hear them before leaving you a message.

We all have voicemails nowadays, so how can we do the same thing? Do you want Captain Picard to inform your callers that you are unavailable (don’t worry, we won’t judge you – well, we will!!)? Then go to one of these three historic places, play the tape back over your speakers, and record your message while holding your mobile phone up to the speakers!

This method will work for any sound made by your system, so you may use it with any audio file, not only those from these old school websites. Many of the ones I recall from way back when are in bad shape.

The first site for amusing voicemail messages is Audio Comedy, which may be found here.

They not only have authentic answering machine messages, but they also have song parodies and stand-up comedians. They also offer sound boards where you may experiment with noises. You may record just the bits you wish to use as your voicemail.

Carlos Mencia, Chris Rock, Daniel Tosh, George Carlin, George Lopez, Jeff Foxworthy, Kevin Meaney, Lewis Black, Margaret Cho, Pablo Fransisco, Robin Williams, Stephen Lynch, and Jim Breuer are among the comedians accessible. If this appeals to you, you may also do it using video snippets from YouTube.

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Below is a sneak peek at one of their sound boards (I adore the Eric Cartman one!- contact me and see:))

The next source for amusing voicemail messages is AhaJokes, which can be found here. This website includes a lot of humorous audio links, but no descriptions. So, unless you have a lot of free time, this will definitely irritate you. But I’ve discovered some hidden gems on here that I’d never heard before. So start exploring and have fun!

They are divided into the following categories: Machine-related, authority-related, and unusual organizations Theme music, Have some fun with your family. Why are you unable to respond? , You are presently in serious peril, Confuse or shock the caller, Science fiction, and Other. Simply click on them. Have fun with them! Tell us which ones are your favorites!

The last site is via Silly Humor and can be found here

This site does not have many recordings, but the quality makes up for it! I have listened to everyone on this website! Spock, Picard, or even Humphrey Bogart can answer the phone! Who cares if others snicker or label you a jerk?

Don’t worry, one day some one will leave you a message!

What are your favorite websites for humorous voicemail messages? Tell us in the comments!

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