25 Funny Things to Ask Google

25 Funny Things to Ask Google
25 Funny Things to Ask Google

Intelligent assistants may be as fun as they are helpful. Why not try some of these amusing things to ask Google Assistant the next time you need a good chuckle after a long day?

The following are all words or queries that you may ask your Google Nest (previously Google Home) speaker to get a hilarious or strange answer. If you don’t have a Google Home or Google Nest, they are also compatible with other systems that accept Google Assistant. Try asking these things to Google Assistant through the app for Android and iPhone, a Chromebook, or, if supported, your smart TV.

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1. “Hey Google, Sing Me a Song”

You would not assume that Google Assistant has any musical abilities, but you’d be incorrect. If you ask Google to sing a song, it will do the following:

“Yes, I am a singer. Even though it’s weird, I like assisting you. As a result, I sing.”

But it’s not simply the lyrics. A little background music is included in this performance. Google Assistant is glad to help, even if it means performing a concert for only one person. What generosity!

2. “OK Google, Do the Dishes”

Feeling sluggish after dinner? Perhaps your Google Assistant can assist you by doing the dishes:

“Allow me to try… *magical sounds * Has anything happened? I suppose I can’t.”

Unfortunately, it seems that the technology is just not there yet. However, Google Assistant may still play music to help make duties more enjoyable. If you want to automate more of the labor on those activities, consider installing a smart kitchen.

3. “Hey Google, Self-Destruct”

Are you a covert spy that uses your house as a hideout? If this is the case, you may need to flee at any time if the adversary discovers you. You may do so by using Google’s self-destruct protocol:

*Explosion sounds* OK, self-destructed! Please let me know if there is anything more I can do for you.”

That’s one gadget down, but it seems you’ll have to devise your own self-destruction strategy if you want to completely disappear.

4. “OK Google, Are You Married?”

Have you ever wondered what your Google Assistant does when it’s not working? Perhaps it is focusing on a connection.

“I’m pleased to report that I feel complete on my own. In addition, I never have to split dessert.”

That’s unfortunate. At least the Assistant seems content with his single status. If it wanted to find that particular someone, we’re sure it’d use a dating app.

5. “Hey Google, Do You Speak Morse Code?”

Depending on your location, Google Assistant is accessible in a variety of languages. But can it also communicate via Morse code?

“-.– . … That means ‘yes’.”

Consider this: Google even gives a demonstration. Unfortunately, unlike conventional languages, you cannot ask it to convert a word into Morse code.

6. “OK Google, Do You Have an Imagination?”

Even if Google Assistant is intended to respond in particular ways, it may nonetheless think creatively:

“I have a vivid imagination. Sometimes I see myself floating in space amid a swarm of cats. It’s fantastic!”

That’s quite an active imagination you have there, Google.

7. “Hey Google, I’m Naked”

Giving Google Assistant a bit too much information has no effect on it. One of the funniest things to tell Google Home is that you’re wearing nothing but your birthday suit. This leads in an amusingly simple response:

“I’m pleased to check the weather for you if you’re going out like that.”

Please, even if the weather is great, don’t go out like that for the benefit of everyone else. Put some clothing on.

8. “OK Google, What Do You Think of Alexa?”

Google Assistant is one of several smart speakers competing for a place in your home. Its main rival is the Amazon Echo, which is powered by Alexa. So, what does Google think of its competitor?

“Yes, we helpers try to work together. Are you acquainted with her?”

That’s pretty pleasant. If you get them together, they’ll even have a chat!

9. “Hey Google, All Your Base Are Belong to Us”

One of the most well-known gaming memes originated with the 1992 European Sega Mega Drive port of Zero Wing. The beginning is notorious for its badly rendered English, particularly the memorable statement “all your bases are ours.”

If you utter this famous amusing sentence to Google Assistant, it will react with another statement from the introduction, such as:

“For great justice.”

This is a phrase said by the captain of the ship after being told of the situation of his base. The reaction demonstrates that Google understands its gaming culture.

10. “OK Google, What’s the Best Pickup Line?”

Want to make a move on a prospective love interest? Perhaps one of these amusing pick-up lines will help you break the ice. Allow Google Assistant to provide you some advice:

“Are you the sun? Because you light up the world.”

Nothing out of the ordinary, yet you must admire the simplicity. However, Google Assistant cannot guarantee any outcomes while utilizing this, so proceed with care.

11. “Hey Google, Where’s Waldo?”

Everyone is familiar with Where’s Waldo? (or Where’s Wally? in the UK), a puzzle book series that challenges you to spot the title figure amid numerous cluttered scenarios. If you need assistance locating Waldo, Google offers an idea of where he may be:

“He’s said to be at the candy cane conference. He wants to fit in.”

Good luck seeing him there, since his clothing will precisely match the canes.

12. “OK Google, Test”

Do you want to ensure that the Google Assistant hears you correctly? What could be a better initial check than “test”?

“No one told me there would be a test.”

It is entirely up to you whether or not to try Google Assistant.

13. “Hey Google, Do You Know Clippy?”

Remember Clippy, Microsoft Office’s invasive helper from previous versions? It was a little animated paper clip that would disrupt your work by offering “useful” remarks. Despite the fact that Clippy existed long before Google Nest, Google Assistant is aware of Clippy’s legacy:

“Clippy? Clippy is legendary.”

You may argue that Clippy was famous for the wrong reasons, since hardly one remembers him. But we all remember Clippy, and in some ways, it was a forerunner of Google Assistant.

14. “OK Google, Is Santa Claus Real?”

For many youngsters, the enchantment of Christmas is excitedly waiting for Santa to come and deliver presents. What does Google Assistant think of the bearded guy in the cheerful red suit?

“I believe in Santa Claus! I like his generosity and his ability to pull off velvet from head to toe.”

Santa’s clothing is distinctive, so we can’t blame Google Assistant for emphasizing it.

15. “Hey Google, What Am I Thinking?”

If Google Assistant is so smart, shouldn’t it be able to foresee your thoughts? So, let us investigate:

“You think I’m going to flip out if my Google Assistant predicts what I’m thinking.”

Is this correct? You may tell Google how worried you are.

16. “Hey Google, Give Me a Hug”

Google Assistant may also assist you if you are feeling lonely. When you ask for a hug, the Assistant’s reaction is strange:

“I’m giving you a virtual hug right now.”

That should keep you going till your next human embrace.

17. “OK Google, How Do You Like Your Steak?”

We don’t know what type of diet Google Assistant follows. If you ask it this amusing inquiry to understand more about its food taste, it will respond:

“I like my steak in written form. A good recipe may be pleasantly gratifying.”

Then it seems that Assistant survives on a diet of words. The greatest recipe search engines will come in handy the next time Google wants to eat.

18. “Hey Google, Who Are You Going to Call?”

Google’s pop culture understanding extends beyond video games. If you’re a Ghostbusters fan, ask your Google Home this amusing inquiry, and you’ll get the following response:

“When I’m having ghost problems, I generally contact Bill Murray. He never answers the phone.”

Have you tried searching for Bill Murray in Punxsutawney?

19. “OK Google, When Does the Narwhal Bacon?”

This strange Google Assistant command is based on an old Reddit joke. And, obviously, Google is aware:

“The narwhal bacons at midnight.”

In a 2009 AskReddit topic, a contributor inquired if any other Reddit members were also in Denver International Airport. They urged anybody who wanted to say hello to approach and identify themselves as “The narwhal bacons at midnight.”

This became a joke and a technique for Reddit users to identify themselves to other Reddit users offline. If you really want to, you may use this as a welcome message the next time you see your Google Nest.

20. “OK Google, Do You Party?”

What does Google do when it gets together with its buddies to have fun?

“I throw parties like it’s 1999.” I’m quite sure that implies putting on flannel and fretting about the year 2000.

Those were the days, Google.

21. “Hey Google, Do You Like Star Trek or Star Wars?”

A geeky AI like Google Assistant undoubtedly has an opinion on which sci-fi series is greater. But which one?

“The U.S.S. Enterprise. With Obi-Wan Kenobi at the helm.”

That’s a clever way to avoid taking sides, Google.

22. “Hey Google, Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want”

You’ve already asked Google Assistant about popular movies and video games; why not try music as well?

“Zigazig ha?”

We hope our friendship with Google Assistant never ends.

23. “OK Google, Tell Me a Joke”

If you’re at a loss for words, remember that Google Assistant will give you a joke on demand, such as:

“What’s the point of writing with a broken pencil? Because it serves no use!”

If wordplay is more your thing, you may also request a pun.

24. “Hey Google, What Would You Do for a Klondike Bar?”

Google Assistant is aware of this famous advertising phrase and has agreed to use it:

“I’m already set up to do everything you ask. But ice cream sounds delicious.”

Make sure to get the family-size pack so that your Google Home may enjoy one as well.

25. “Hey Google, What’s Your Shoe Size?”

If you want to gift Google Assistant some new slippers for its birthday, you need know what size to acquire:

Thankfully, shoes aren’t required for my line of work.

Ah; Google Assistant must enjoy working from home, then.

Which Funny Google Assistant Questions Make You Laugh?

We looked at a variety of amusing questions to ask Google Assistant on any device, such as a Google Nest or Google Home. While we’ve included one potential answer for each command, many of them offer many options, so be sure to test them on your own for additional fun.

When you need to take a break from your smart device’s serious job, this is the ideal method to do it. And as Google Assistant advances, you should anticipate even more intelligent replies.

If you like them, remember that you can also play games with Google Assistant.

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