24 Google Docs Templates That Will Make Your Life Easier

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24 Google Docs Templates That Will Make Your Life Easier

Formatting Google documents takes some time. There are several amazing templates currently available for your usage. Rather of creating your papers from scratch, utilize these 24 time-saving Google Docs templates.

Work, Health, Home, and Travel are the four areas of these free Google Docs templates. So feel free to skip to the area that interests you the most. Let’s get started with the Google Doc templates!

Work Templates

Resume formatting may be a true test of endurance (and design skills).You may use this professional template to do this. It has all of the components required to help you find your ideal job. Explain your professional goals, experience, education, abilities, and references (you can modify these sections if necessary).

Check out these free resources for customized resume templates for additional ideas.

When it comes to any form of business letter, you want it to have a professional look. You may be writing to a client or customer, contacting a vendor or manufacturer, or putting out a cover letter to go with your résumé.

There are many business letter templates available in Google Docs, and you can even password lock your documents if they include sensitive information.

The most difficult aspect of making a presentation is often formatting your slides. Fortunately, Google Docs has a plethora of presentation templates that perform exactly what they claim and can even be changed offline. To add another slide once you’ve chosen your template, right-click the second slide and choose Duplicate slide.

You may view the presentation in a new window or download it as a PowerPoint or PDF file (among other formats).Then, wherever you are, boldly begin your presentation.

Maintain maximum efficiency in your meetings by having an agenda template in Google Docs ready to go at a moment’s notice. This Google Docs meeting agenda template contains the agenda (of course), attendance, scribe name, minutes, action items, and next meeting items.

To further ease the process, ask additional team members to submit agenda items directly to the template.

If you’ve been assigned with establishing a project timetable and don’t know where to begin, this template will come in handy. Using this simple Gantt chart, you may organize the timetable of your project.

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Understanding the general structure of your complicated project at a glance is a piece of cake with work divided into stages and a weekly timetable.

Similarly, this spreadsheet provides a quick method to keep track of which projects are still open, completed, when they were started, who is in charge, and the task complexity.

Using this kind of monitoring spreadsheet in conjunction with the project schedule above provides a rather thorough arsenal for keeping everyone on track.

With this template, you may go right to work fleshing out your business concepts. The essential elements are all there, ranging from market research to financial predictions, as well as a plethora of export choices.

It is simple to add a handful of sparklines to your page or connect to full-fledged graphs.

If your company’s invoicing isn’t currently generating a bottleneck, this basic template may spare you the trouble of migrating your invoicing to a specialized, more complete platform. Simply fill out the invoice, save it as a PDF, and send it to your client or customer.

If you use Google Docs for business, you’ll like this newsletter template. You may quickly add your business information, attach images, and let your customers or employees know what’s new.

It’s just two pages long, which is generally plenty for an interesting corporate newsletter.

A brochure isn’t something you make every day, but this appealing template comes in useful when you do. It has the same look as the last newsletter template, making for an excellent combination.

Add your own photographs, as well as an overview and major characteristics, and finish with all of the pertinent information for your product or service. The template makes things easier.

Health Templates

This wonderful spreadsheet enables you to record any changes in total body composition, from the size of your upper arms to your body-fat %, for those trying to bulk up or become leaner. The total change is determined automatically after each input.

This ready-to-use weight training program includes detailed directions to follow throughout the week. Obviously, the total weight of each set should be modified according on your demands, but set exercises can’t go wrong.

Home Templates

Keep track of home duties (and perhaps give money incentives!) to avoid more squabbles around the house. This well-designed template keeps things basic, bold, and straightforward, allowing you to always run a tight ship.

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Using this Google Docs task list template, you can get started on your to-do list as soon as possible while keeping track of the due date, priority, and status of each item.

It’s simple, but it gets the job done, enabling you to focus on checking items off your list rather than generating it. This is a simple Google Docs to-do list template.

We are all aware that relocating may be quite stressful. Much of the worry might be attributed to a misunderstanding of how the relocation will effect you financially.

This house cost assessment worksheet allows you to financially examine your new purchase so you can consider your alternatives more efficiently.


If you want to keep and manage your calendar in Google Sheets for any reason, there are a number of terrific templates that will get you started quickly. Simply create a new Google Sheet and, instead of starting from scratch, choose New > Google Sheet > From a Template.

You’ll find a variety of Google sheet templates here, including the current year’s calendar.

Each month of these calendars is on its own worksheet, and it is also printable. While the calendar will change each year, new templates are always being introduced, so keep a watch out.

This template works similarly to a corporate sales forecast but has been customized for home usage if you need to keep a closer check on your family/personal income and spending.

Overall, you’ll know how much money you’ll have at the conclusion of the term and may change your strategy appropriately to meet your savings or spending objectives.

A personal version of the spreadsheet (rather than one geared towards families) is also available. Using Google Sheets to keep track of your costs has never been simpler.

Weddings; another stressful life event. Help yours go more smoothly with this detailed Google Docs checklist template.

By creating a checklist in Google Docs, you ensure that you don’t forget anything crucial, such as arranging childcare or transportation ahead of time.

This calculator quickly lets you see savings projections in different situations, with the aim being to show you how this can lead to early retirement if you save carefully. Simply change the blue numbers around and see the effect on the graph.

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Use this Google Docs guest list template to keep track of your guest list. You can easily add any dietary requirements to discuss with caterers, and you can even monitor who you’ve previously invited and if they’ve answered.

Having trouble comparing a few different automobile models? Add their statistics and photos to this spreadsheet so they may compete head-to-head without having to continually flip through other tabs to locate the appropriate information.

Travel Templates

Vacationing should be a peaceful experience. Use and customize this Google Docs checklist template to make your packing stress-free and to avoid arriving at your hotel only to find you’ve forgotten your phone charger.

If you’re going on a long journey or seeing numerous locations in one holiday, it’s a good idea to get everything out of your thoughts and put down someplace dependable.

This template shows you the key information of any booked transportation, as well as the dates of your trip and where you’ll be each day. This will make planning trips and hotels much easier.

Road journeys have never been simple to plan in detail, which is why this distance calculator is so useful. You may use zip codes, complete addresses, or Google Maps/MapQuest driving instructions to determine the distance.

You may also save the distances to a travel log, switch modes of transportation, and even find the fastest route to a location.

Tackle Your Tasks With Google Docs Templates

Hopefully, one or more of these free Google Docs templates will suffice for your needs. However, if you want a template that does not fit into one of these categories, you may search the Google Docs template gallery.

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