17 Useful Google Home Commands for Mini Games and More

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17 Useful Google Home Commands for Mini Games and More

Google Home blends Google Assistant’s ease with smart home devices. As a consequence, you can perform a plethora of useful and interesting things with Google Home commands.

There’s much to test, from instructions that let you play mini-games and quizzes to ones that let you manage your smart home entertainment. Here are some amusing Google Home commands for your Home Mini speaker and other devices…

What Are Google Home Commands?

Google Home commands are voice commands that are compatible with Google’s smart speakers and hubs. They are compatible with both Google’s own devices and those of its partners’ smart displays and smart speakers. These devices run Google Assistant, which allows users to use voice commands to access a number of applications and services.

Google Home instructions can do anything from start interactive mini-games to manage compatible devices and enable hands-free dialing, among other things. Routines may also be used to connect commands.

Google Assistant routines may be used to carry out a series of actions that are related to a single voice query. For example, if you ask Google Home to prepare you for bed, it may begin a routine that dims your bedroom lights, plays peaceful music, and lowers your temperature.

Google Home commands eliminate the need to bring an Android smartphone around with you in order to utilize Google Assistant in your home. Rather, you may wake your Google Home smart speaker or hub with your voice and provide a command. This also makes Assistant available to the whole family, as opposed to each member requiring their own device.

Google Home Mini Games

Google Assistant-enabled gadgets like the Google Mini, Google Home, and Google Nest are ideal for playing games alone or with others. Here are a few commands for playing games on your Google Home device.

Can You Still Play Akinator on the Google Home Mini?

A famous take on the 20-question genre is the Akinator game, which features a genie of the same name asking you questions to determine a character you have in mind.

Many customers have reported that when they attempt to execute the command “Hey Google, chat to Akinator,” the Assistant no longer understands them.

The app seems to have been removed from Google Home devices as of 2022. You may still play it on your smartphone by requesting “Play Akinator,” but this will redirect you to the app’s mobile homepage, where you can play the game.

While Akinator will be missed, alternative games are available on your Google Home device…

Ding Dong Coconut is a unique combination of memory and music games. In the game, you must memorize sounds played by Google Home as well as phrases assigned to them by Assistant. A dog’s bark, for example, may be connected with the term “smartphone.” You will be needed to remember which words are related with certain sounds throughout the game.

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Just say: “Hey Google, let’s play Ding Dong Coconut.”

Song Quiz is a pop music game in which players must identify the song title from brief snippets, with additional points provided for correctly guessing the artist’s name as well. You may pick the decade from which the quiz tracks should be drawn, as well as the number of participants.

Just say: “Hey Google, play Song Quiz.”

Movie Quiz is a movie trivia game created by the same people that created Song Quiz. Players must determine the movie title based on short audio samples from the film in this quiz. You may choose the decade in which the films should be set as well as the number of participants.

Just say: “Hey Google, play Movie Quiz.”

4. Test Your Trivia Skills with Google

questions trivia
Image Credit: Olya Kobruseva/Pexels

If you want to play a fun general knowledge and trivia game, ask Google Home to start one. Google will recommend a few applications for you to try. These quizzes include multiple-choice questions on a wide range of subjects.

When you guess an answer, you will learn whether or not you were accurate. If you get the answer incorrect, the trivia games will show you the right answer, allowing you to learn something new.

Just say: “Hey Google, play a trivia game.”

5. Ask Google to Entertain You With a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game

A choose-your-own-adventure game is another entertaining Google Home mini-game. You may test a couple of them out by asking Google Assistant to amuse you.

It will then provide you with a few game alternatives to pick from.

Just say: “Hey Google, entertain me.”

6. Answer Riddles

You may ask Google Home to solve a mystery for you. This will lead you to the Riddle Chambers game, which consists of a sequence of rooms, each with a different riddle within.

If you can’t figure out the solution, you may ask for suggestions or cheat. When you finish a riddle, you may on to the next chamber.

Just say: “Hey Google, tell me a riddle.”

While it isn’t really a game, Google can assist you by flipping a coin. Whether you’re trying to decide between pals or predict the result, your Google Home has you covered.

Just say: “Hey Google, flip a coin.”

8. Find New Games for Google Home

Want to try something new but aren’t sure which game to play? You may always turn to Google for assistance. To begin, there are some amusing questions you may ask your Google Home. If you’re searching for a certain game to play, you may ask Google to lead you through a list of options.

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Just say: “Hey Google, let’s play a game.”

Google Home Commands: Music, Sound, and Audio

If you’re seeking for amusement but not necessarily games, your Google Home device has plenty of audio material to offer. Try some of these instructions to listen to music, listen to podcasts, or listen to radio broadcasts.

You may request that Google Home play certain songs and tracks from your connected music account. YouTube music and playlists may also be retrieved by the virtual assistant. All you have to do is identify the song and artist, and Google will begin playing the music.

The default app is YouTube Music, but you can use the Home app to connect any other current streaming accounts to the Assistant. Google Home supports a variety of third-party streaming applications, including Spotify; just check to see whether yours is among them.

Just say: “Hey Google, play [song name] by [artist].”

White noise and ambient noises are excellent for aiding sleep. Google Assistant saves you the effort of installing applications by playing relaxing noises like rainstorms, a crackling fire, and more.

Simply say, “Hey Google, assist me in relaxing” or “OK Google, what ambient noises do you know?”

When you want to avoid Spotify, tell Google to play your favorite radio station instead. Depending on the accompanying app, Assistant will answer to the station’s call sign or dial number.

Just say: “Hey Google, play [radio station name].”

If you want to listen to a podcast but aren’t sure what to attempt, Google Home can assist. Simply ask Assistant to suggest a podcast, and it will provide a list of options for you to listen to.

Just say: “Recommend a podcast.”

Google Home Commands for Chromecast

You may utilize your Google Home device as part of an entertainment system if you have a Google Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra installed. However, you must give your Chromecast a name, such as Living Room TV (a default name provided by Google), so that Assistant knows which device you wish to cast your video to.

Here are a few Chromecast commands to try out…

You may use Google Home instructions to have Assistant act as a television remote control. These functions include powering on and off your TV, volume control, and media playback controls.

These instructions are also compatible with your smartphone’s Google Assistant.

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Just say: “Turn on my TV” or “Mute my TV”.

If you’ve connected your Netflix account to your Google Home account, you’ll be able to use voice commands to stream series and movies via Chromecast. If you designate a series to watch, it will generally resume where you left off.

You cannot, however, instruct Google to play a certain episode or season. To browse through episodes, just use your Google Home to start the streaming app on your Chromecast-enabled TV.

“Hey Google, play [series name] from Netflix on [Chromecast name,” just say.

15. Get Chromecast to Play Music

Another command that you may use with Google Home and Chromecast is to broadcast music to your TV. You may either choose a particular song or get a customized playlist of recommended songs from your streaming app. Streaming music with a certain theme to your Chromecast is another possibility. This comprises soothing music or a certain musical genre.

Simply tell Google, “Hey Google, play [song name] on [Chromecast name].”

Useful Google Home Commands for Smart Homes

Some of Google Home’s biggest capabilities stem from its smart home capability. Assistant can collaborate with a variety of third-party devices to provide a seamless smart home experience.

Google Home may be used to manage lights across your smart home. The commands vary from dimming lights to monitoring the status of lights in specific rooms. However, the precise app you wish to use with Assistant will be determined by the brands you use.

Simply ask Google, “Hey Google, lower the lights in [room name]?” or “Hey Google, are the lights on in [room name]?”

The locate phone capability is perhaps one of the most handy commands you can use with a Google Home speaker or display. This is a particularly useful tool if you have a habit of leaving your smartphone laying about the home. Google will start ringing your phone, even if it is in quiet mode, so you can locate it again.

Just say: “Hey Google, find my phone.”

Unlock More Commands With Your Google Home Device

There are several commands you may use with your Google Home speaker to play games, occupy yourself, and pass the time.

If you want to learn additional techniques, go through the commands Google has accessible on the Assistant’s Explore page.

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