13 Best Chromecast Games to Play With a Phone or Tablet

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13 Best Chromecast Games to Play With a Phone or Tablet

If you have a Chromecast, you undoubtedly use it to watch videos and movies on the large screen or to see your photographs. You may, however, play games on your TV using your phone or tablet.

Finding games that support Google Chromecast that are worth your time is difficult. So we’ve compiled a list of casual games that are enjoyable, easy to pick up and play, and readily connect to your Chromecast.

1. Tower Construction 3D

How skilled are you at constructing a tower? Discover the answer in Tower Construction 3D. Tap the screen to drop a component of the structure as the crane travels back and forth. Then, continue in this manner, piece by piece, to build your tower. The challenge is to carefully align the constructing components, since if your tower collapses, you lose.

Number of players: Single-player | Up to five in multiplayer

Download: Tower Construction 3D for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Fire Team

Fire Team is a pixelated arcade adventure with maze-like locations, phantom foes, and devastating explosives. There are four game types to select from: survival, deathmatch, team vs team, and flag capture. This allows you to play either alone or against a good opponent. Your gadget has simple controls for moving, dropping a bomb, or performing an action. So keep an eye on the action and have a good time with Fire Team.

In-app purchases for extra maps and ad removal are available in Fire Team.

Number of players: Single-player | Up to six in multiplayer

Download: Fire Team for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Deer Hunter

If you appreciate hunting games, Deer Hunter is an excellent choice for your Chromecast. You get to hunt in exotic locations throughout the globe, track down large game creatures, and hone your sharpshooting abilities. Customize your weaponry by collecting accessories such as scopes and larger magazines. Just make sure you’re prepared for the hunt before you become the hunted.

In-app purchases for gold packs and game subscriptions are available in Deer Hunter.

Number of players: Single-player

Download: Deer Hunter for Android | iOS (Free)

4. Scrabble Blitz

Scrabble Blitz isn’t just any old Scrabble game. This one requires you to create as many words as possible from the letters you get. You have a limited amount of time, may use letters with double or triple points, and can play alone or with your friends. Simply touch the letters in the correct sequence to build your words, then swipe to submit them. If you like word games, try Scrabble Blitz to beat yourself or a buddy.

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Number of players: Single-player | Up to four in multiplayer

Download: Scrabble Blitz for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Risk: Global Domination

Who wouldn’t want to rule the world? Risk has existed as a tangible board game for many years. This digital version with Chromecast capability is a terrific way to play with folks all around the globe. You may also play a single-player game, a multiplayer game with your pals, or pass-and-play in the same room. Risk: Global Domination has four difficulty levels, several maps with amazing visuals, animated avatars, and much more.

In-app purchases for themes, game packs, and premium mode are available in Risk: Global Domination.

Number of players: Single-player | Up to six in multiplayer

Download: Risk: Global Domination for Android | iOS (Free)

6. Monopoly Here & Now

The popular Monopoly board game may be played by more than one person. However, the digital edition allows you to play the same game with a buddy or against the computer on your own. Simply roll the dice, move your token across the board, and draw a card from the Community Chest. Make sure you don’t be taken to jail—-directly, without passing Go or earning $200.

To access the complete game in Monopoly Here & Now, an in-app payment is required.

Number of players: Single-player | Up to four in multiplayer

Download: Monopoly Here & Now for Android | iOS (Free)

7. Angry Birds Go!

In Angry Birds Go!, get into your racing vehicle, fasten your seat belt, and drive to Piggy Island. The game has your favorite characters such as Red and Chuck, special prizes, campaign and multiplayer modes, and tournaments all set in an incredible 3D universe. If you like both Angry Birds and racing games, this is an excellent choice for your Chromecast.

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In-app purchases for gems and kart goods are available in Angry Birds Go!

Number of players: Single-player | Up to four in multiplayer

Angry Birds Go! (Android | iOS) (Free) [No Longer Available]

8. Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Buddies is not a turn-based game that you play with your Facebook friends. You compete in tournaments that vary regularly, if not daily, and work your way to the top of the scoreboard. The competitions are divided into six tiers, which you may play whenever you have time. If you like Angry Birds, try Angry Birds Friends on your Chromecast for some large-screen bird-flinging fun.

In-app purchases for coins, bundles, and slingshots are available in Angry Birds Friends.

Tournaments with several participants | One-on-one challenges

Download: Angry Birds Friends for Android | iOS (Free)

9. Motion Tennis

Anyone for tennis? Motion Tennis allows you to not only play virtual tennis but also get an exercise at the same time. When you play the game on your Chromecast, you swing like a pro using your smartphone as your racket. With each match, there are four difficulty levels, an attack mode to challenge other players, and an estimated calorie counter.

Motion Tennis offers in-app purchases for in-game items.

Number of players: Single-player | One-on-one challenges

Motion Tennis is available for free on Android and for $4.99 on iOS. [No longer in stock]

10. FitFlap Motion

FitFlap Motion is another entertaining game that may help you become and remain active. In this challenge, your device’s camera places you directly on the screen. Flap your arms to move the figure, fly to gather money, and avoid obstacles.

FitFlap Motion includes in-app purchases for coins, boosters, and ad removal.

Number of players: Single-player

Download: FitFlap Motion for Android (Free)

11. Alien Invaders Chromecast Game

If vintage is your thing, travel to outer space. Alien Invaders is played similarly to Space Invaders. While evading gunfire and blasting back against foes, move your spacecraft left and right on the screen. This game isn’t flashy; the controls are basic, and the gameplay is straightforward. This is a wonderful choice if you like the arcade genre.

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Number of players: Single-player

Download: Alien Invaders for Android | iOS (Free)

12. Scramblegram

How many words can you make out of seven letters in three minutes? Scramblegram can tell you. This basic word game tests your ability to discover words with three, four, five, and six letters as rapidly as possible. On the screen, you can view the number of potential words for each letter quantity. Score the phrases you come up with inside the time restriction, and then strive to beat your own score.

Number of players: Single-player

Download: Scramblegram for Android (Free)

13. HangDroidCast

Are you up for a round of Hangman? HangDroidCast does just that. You will see blanks for the amount of letters required to complete the word. Fill in the gaps with letters to guess the word. You only have so many guesses, so if you run out and haven’t guessed the word, the game is finished. There isn’t much more to it than that: a simple test of your word puzzle solving abilities.

HangDroidCast offers an in-app purchase to remove the ads.

Number of players: Single-player

Download: HangDroidCast for Android (Free)

Do You Use Your Chromecast for Gaming?

Perhaps you’d rather keep your Chromecast and mobile gaming separate. But, if you like the option of projecting the game you’re watching onto your television for a better perspective, why not? If you just purchased a Chromecast and need assistance getting it up and running, see our Chromecast setup guide.

Look into methods to transmit video games from your PC to your TV for more gaming alternatives.

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