12 HTML5 Browser Games That Don’t Need Adobe Flash

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12 HTML5 Browser Games That Don’t Need Adobe Flash

You’re on your lunch break at work and think it would be nice to play a fun web game. Unfortunately, Adobe Flash has been discontinued, and you probably believe that there are no decent non-Flash browser games available online.


HTML5 games are browser-based games that do not need Flash Player to play. They are compatible with any current browser and need no plug-ins or installs; just click and play. Furthermore, they are equally as entertaining as Flash games. As a result, below is a collection of free HTLM5 browser games that do not need Flash.

Smarty Bubbles is one of the best bubble shooters you can play online.

Your aim is to acquire the greatest possible score by removing bubbles from the gameboard. Plan ahead of time by watching the next bubble appear, use the useful arrow to help you aim, and bounce off the walls to make those difficult shots. What is your highest possible score?

Fruita Crush is another amazing match-three, no-Flash game. Drag three or more fruits together to eliminate them from the board and score.

Each of the 100 levels has a distinct goal to achieve in a limited amount of turns. Matching more than three fruits will also provide you bonus items such as exploding explosives and useful line eliminators. These pieces are worth more points than normal pieces.

When it comes to match-three games, Jewelish is the way to go if you like gorgeous jewels over delectable fruits. Drag to link three or more gems to score with two minutes on the clock.

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Connecting more than three will offer you fantastic gems that clear columns and rows or blow away surrounding pieces, much like in Fruita Crush. Jewelish is a great alternative if you want to score quickly without having to go through numerous stages.

Grab some bananas and play Jungle Run if you appreciate endless running platform games. You may play as Kiba or Kumba, two monkeys with exceptional abilities.

Run and jump, gather stars and power-ups, and see if you can complete the 30 difficult levels. And keep an eye out for opponents, since they will take you down quickly.

Play a fast game of Pool Billiard on your computer browser when you can’t get to the pool hall. Before sinking the black 8-ball, aim and shoot to pocket all colored pool balls.

Extra points may be earned by striking the balls in the correct sequence, although this is a difficult task. Mark your cue if you’re ready to put your aiming and strategizing abilities to the test on the pool table.

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Sports Mahjong is a variation on the traditional game with a sports theme. The gameplay is the same as usual, with you matching open tiles to clear the board. The game has lively music, shuffle mode, and instructions if you get stuck.

Sports Mahjong is a wonderful addition to your non-Flash game library if you appreciate Mahjong and are looking for versions with different themes.

Time Link is a distinct form of matching game that requires you to connect tiles with a time limit. You must match two tiles that have no more than two 90-degree angles between them.

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Your aim is to clear the board and go to the next challenge while collecting as many points as possible. The game has useful tips, useful shuffles, and a nice wristwatch motif.

Maya Pyramid Solitaire is a fun game that requires fast thinking and does not need Flash.

To win, you must match two or more cards that total 11 in order to clear the game board within the time limit. You may mix the cards on the bottom of the deck with those on the board. If you get stuck, three jokers, which operate as wildcards, may help you out.

If you haven’t heard of Badland, it’s a fantastic experience that’s accessible on mobile devices, Steam, and gaming consoles. This side-scrolling platformer transports you to a weird and unsettling environment.

Your mission is to soar across the dark forest, avoiding hostile residents and perilous traps. Badland’s HTML5 version includes numerous hard levels and quests, as well as eerie sound effects and amazing visuals.

Now it’s your time, space-shooter aficionados, for an online game sans Flash. Spect is a fun HTML5 rendition of the classic space shooters, complete with amazing visual and audio effects. You’ll feel as though you’ve returned to the arcade with a pocket full of quarters.

Fly, blast, and navigate your way through hordes of foes and asteroids. You may defend your spacecraft with auto-fire, missiles, and a shield while improving your responses and challenging your high-score with each round.

It sounds like Tetris, looks like Tetris, but is nothing like Tetris. Tentrix is a game in which you use different-shaped pieces to remove rows and columns on the board.

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Each round, you are given three pieces to position and must fit each one in order to proceed. The game is done when you have filled the board and are unable to make another move. Tentrix is the free online puzzle game for you if you like them.

The designers of Cut the Rope produced King of Thieves, an engrossing platform adventure. You’ll need to prepare and demonstrate excellent clicking or tapping abilities at each stage. To get to the treasure box, you must navigate through obstacles and adversaries while bouncing off walls.

There are crazy personalities, hazardous cannons, and terrifying spikes everywhere… so plan your actions wisely.

Flash Free Games Are the Order of the Day

You don’t have to be concerned about not having Adobe Flash with these fantastic non-Flash browser games. Also, make sure to look about on the websites linked to these games since they also offer a plethora of additional entertaining possibilities.

Check out Google’s Doodle games for more fun games that don’t need Flash.

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