11 Chrome Extensions That Help You Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

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11 Chrome Extensions That Help You Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

When you write on a keyboard every day, your fingertips travel a long distance. But it doesn’t help your health when you seldom leave your desk. A desk job might be hazardous to your health in the long run.

If your work requires you to sit in front of a computer all day (like mine), you need a solution. Fortunately, there are a few Google Chrome extensions that might help you be more careful of your health while working. Here are eleven examples.

1. Fresh Air: Pause For a Few Deep Breathes

Fresh Air is a Chrome plugin that simply reminds you to take a deep breath whenever you open a new tab. It just replaces your current New Tab page with an empty circle. As soon as you open a new tab, the circle fills up and helps you to gradually inhale, hold for a few seconds, then softly exhale.

Fresh Air also allows you to tweak these separate intervals, although I’ve found the default settings to be quite relaxing. You may also change the backdrop color if you don’t like the basic white that comes with it.

Download: Fresh Air (Free)

2. Calm: For More Mindful Browsing

Calm is similar to Fresh Air in that it is based on the science of taking deep breaths to de-stress and relax. Except that you’re doing it before visiting seductive websites like YouTube or Facebook.

This is how it works: You add services to Calm’s blacklist those you believe may cause you to procrastinate more, such as Instagram. Once you’ve done that, everytime you’re ready to launch one of them, Calm will offer you with a little breathing exercise that will cause you to reconsider your choice and return to work.

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Calm also provides the option of hearing nature or meditation sounds instead of pressing “Continue” and proceeding to the banned website.

Download: Calm (Free)

3. DeskAthelete: Quick 30-Second Exercises

Sitting on a chair for lengthy periods of time may cause tight tension spots and muscular soreness. The simple solution is to undertake brief workouts at your desk every now and again. How? Install the DeskAthelete extension.

DeskAthelete teaches you 30-second exercises for various body regions such as the neck, many of which you can perform without even getting up.

When you need to stretch, just click the extension’s icon in the omnibar, and it will provide instructions as well as a video lesson of an activity you may do.

Download: DeskAthelete (Free)

4. PostureMinder: Mind that Lose Posture!

PostureMinder is another another free extension that will assist you in sitting more comfortably. PostureMinder, as the name implies, will encourage you to correct your posture, which might be taxing when you haven’t moved in hours.

Furthermore, you may set up reminders to get up and move about for a few minutes. If you are regularly bothered by back discomfort, this is an absolute must-have.

Download: PostureMinder (Free)

5. Water Reminder: Periodic Water Reminders

Water Reminder is a little Chrome plugin that may have a big influence on your health. It’s just a simple water reminder widget, as you’d expect. You may choose the interval between alerts and whether or not a sound should be played in addition to the standard alert.

Download: Water Reminder (Free)

6. Stretch Reminder: Know When It’s Time to Stretch

Stretch Reminder, as the name suggests, reminds you to get up and stretch every few minutes. Based on the duration, the addon displays a notice. You may customize the time periods, including when hours it should be active, much like the other extensions on this list.

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Download: Stretch Reminder (Free)

7. Healthy Browsing: All-in-One Health Reminders

This extension is designed for users who want reminders for all of the aforementioned tasks as well as a few more. Healthy Browsing can notify you about four things: water, blinking, posture, and stretch. You can, of course, adjust the time periods for each of them and configure them to your liking.

Download: Healthy Browsing (Free)

8. Screen Shader: For Comfortable Browsing at Night

It’s no secret that gazing at a screen for long periods of time may have a negative impact on your vision. Screen Shader, a Chrome addon, mitigates the effect somewhat.

Screen Shader changes the color tones in your browser to more pleasant gradients, which reduces blue light effect and helps you to sleep better at night.

Blue light filters use the same technology as the famous F.lux and Night Shift applications. While the extension may automatically customize the temperatures depending on your location, you can also manually change them. You may also change the main color if you find the default too harsh.

Download: Screen Shader (Free)

9. Dark Reader: Switch to the Dark Side

While Screen Shader will surely reduce the impact of blue light, it will not be as effective at night as a dark theme. Dark Reader, a free Chrome plugin, adds a dark tint to any page without interfering with its images.

Dark Reader also lets you change specific parameters like brightness and contrast, as well as whitelist websites where the extension should not be active.

Download: Dark Reader (Free)

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10. Tabtics: Health Tips on the New Tab Page

Unlike others, Tabtics will not inform or urge you to be more active while working. Instead, it displays numerous health advice and recommendations on new tabs in a contemporary and minimalist layout. Furthermore, the plugin shows the time and weather, and it can even connect with your Fitbit if you have one.

Download: Tabtics (Free)

11. Marinara: A Pomodoro Extension

Marinara is a simple Pomodoro addon that you may edit to your liking. Pomodoro is a technique to time management that divides work into short periods interrupted by mini and large breaks.

It’s a great time management strategy that has worked for many people, including myself. Marinara, in addition to acting as a timer, generates data that allow you to review your performance in the past.

Download: Marinara (Free)

One Step at a Time Towards a Healthier Desk Job

While these extensions may seem little, they may easily aid you in living a healthy desk job by providing easy reminders to stretch, drink water, and do other things throughout the day. All of them are also free, so you should absolutely try them out if you haven’t already.

Good health begins with awareness, and you can always look to the internet for information on your own health and fitness.

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