10 Things You Can Do With Your Chromebook Camera

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10 Things You Can Do With Your Chromebook Camera

In the past, PC and laptop cameras were mostly utilized for video calling. There was no other noteworthy use for the cameras. However, as the creator of a smartphone operating system in which the camera is highly valued, Google has attempted to include same camera functions into its Chromebooks.

Chromebook cameras offer a variety of extra functions that may boost your productivity by completing useful small chores. With these strong capabilities, you won’t need third-party applications for tasks like QR scanning, document scanning, picture shooting, and much more.

So, let’s have a look at what you can do with your Chromebook camera.

1. Take Photos

A fundamental camera function is the ability to capture images, and a Chromebook lets you to shoot high-resolution photos. It has autofocus, which sharpens your photographs by focusing the camera lens on the subject.

To straighten your images, utilize the gridlines option, which you may activate or disable in the camera settings. You may also activate the picture mirroring option, which enables you to flip your images.

When your smartphone is in Tablet mode, you may rapidly capture images by using the volume up and down keys. If your device has two cameras, you may quickly switch between them by using the switch on the left. More information about capturing images on Chromebooks may be found here.

2. Video Calling

As previously said, video calling is still most likely one of the key functions of desktop and laptop cameras. It has steadily improved over the years, particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic, when video calling witnessed a significant increase. The rivalry among video calling applications has aided in the improvement of this function.

Google Meet, the company’s own video calling program, allows you to effortlessly establish an immediate meeting, schedule meetings, chat during conversations, share your desktop screen, and much more.

Other video chatting programs, such as Google Duo, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams, are also available. Meet, on the other hand, provides strong integration capabilities with Google applications and Chrome OS.

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3. Hold Webinars

The contemporary world is moving toward hybrid work arrangements that are partly remote and half in an office. Webinars are online events presented by a person or a firm for professional and business objectives using an internet website or installed software.

You may simply join or host webinars from your Chromebook. Popular webinar software, such as Cisco Webex, enable you to install a Chrome extension. You may then participate in or host activities.

You may start an online conference at any moment by pinning these web applications to your home screen. You do not need to install or setup applications on your Chromebook.

4. Scan QR Codes

A Quick Response code, or QR code, is a kind of sophisticated barcode that contains information. The data might take the shape of text, a URL, Wi-Fi credentials, or a payment link. To scan these codes, you’ll need a QR scanner app.

A QR scanner is included into the camera app by default on Chromebooks. This powerful QR scanner can scan most codes with pinpoint accuracy.

This capability is simply accessible through the built-in camera app. Simply launch the app and pick the Scan option from the bottom row. Select QR from the bottom of the following screen. More information about scanning and producing QR codes on Chromebooks may be found here.

5. Scan Documents

On your Chromebook, you may scan documents and share them with others in seconds. There is no longer any need for a real scanner, and no third-party document scanning software are required.

Select the Scan option at the bottom of the Camera app on your Chromebook. It will activate the scanning camera. Check that the Document mode is chosen at the bottom.

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You may share your scanned papers by email or Bluetooth and save them as an image or as a PDF file.

6. Record Videos

You may also use the Chromebook Camera app to capture videos. You may record birthday greetings, motivating words, or important notifications in real time and email them to loved ones and coworkers.

When you launch the Camera app, the Photo mode is automatically chosen. To record a video, go to the bottom and choose Video mode. When you’re ready to start recording the video, click the red Record button on the right side of the screen.

It will then begin recording the video and show the time. When finished, hit the same button again to end the recording.

You may locate your recorded movies in the Gallery or by clicking in the bottom right corner of the Camera app.

7. Change Camera Angle

You can take your webcam experience to the next level with the Chromebook camera. You can capture or record a flexible environment with your camera since it allows you to zoom, pan, and tilt your device’s camera.

If your device’s internal camera does not support this function, you may need to use an external webcam that does. It’s a neat little tool that may come in helpful during video recordings.

8. Take Photos at a Specific Time

On Chromebook, you may utilize the Timer function to shoot images at a set time. You may use this function to set a timer for three or ten seconds. Once chosen, the camera will wait for that amount of time before taking the shot when you push the Capture button.

This function is important since it enables you to free your hands from holding your smartphone while taking a snapshot. So, if you need to quickly prepare or modify your stance for a shot, you may utilize this timer.

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9. Use an External Camera

An external camera may be used with your Chromebook. A higher-specified external camera may help you enhance your images and movies. You may use an external camera to shoot wide-angle images, change the angle at which you wish to record video, and much more.

All of the primary external cameras available for Chromebooks support panning, tilting, and zooming. You may easily enlarge yourself by zooming in. Furthermore, the external camera settings are immediately synced with video calling programs.

10. Edit and Print Photos

There is no need to install third-party picture editing software. The Gallery app on your Chromebook allows you to conduct basic picture editing. The editor enables you to rename your photographs, adjust their measurements (such as height and width), and crop them.

Don’t worry if your rescaling goes awry; you can easily undo and redo your changes. You may also use filters to adjust the lighting in your photos.

The program also allows you to print images from your Chromebook. Simply open the picture and choose the three-dot menu at the top. To print your picture, click the Print button.

Utilize Your Chromebook Camera to the Fullest

The Chromebook camera has a lot to offer that you would not anticipate from the webcam on a typical laptop. Most other laptop cameras do not have these characteristics.

To boost your productivity, the Chromebook enables you to enjoy a smartphone camera experience on your laptop. Explore the features mentioned above on your device and make full use of them for a diversified Chromebook experience.

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