10 Real Time Twitter Games You Can Enjoy With Just A Tweet

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10 Real Time Twitter Games You Can Enjoy With Just A Tweet

What’s the deal with Twitter? How far can 140 characters carry you? Everyone thought in a few words as they began tweeting about the cereal they had for breakfast and the local traffic delays. The tiny blue Twitter birdie has grown enormous wings and soared sky high since those useless remarks.

Twitter may now be used for almost anything. Ask the tweeps; they know everything. I won’t even bother describing some of them since I wouldn’t know where to begin and end. I’ll let you go through all of our Twitter postings and figure it out for yourself.

You might quickly get disoriented among the several programs and fall asleep on the mouse. So, I’m waking you up with a list of Twitter games that will get your adrenaline pounding and your breasts throbbing in a confrontational pattern.

Okay, your adrenaline won’t skyrocket, but Twitter games are a great way to have fun and waste time if you spend a lot of time on Twitter.

A clever use of Twitter to teach us a new word every day and replace the colorful adjectives we typically use in traffic jams. Follow @artwiculate on Twitter and use one of their tweets in one of yours. The more “likes” or retweets a response receives, the higher it rises in the Artwiculate popularity rankings. The prize: an expanded vocabulary that we can use to seem smarter than we are.

Outwit.me offers seven games based on Twitter. You may join and play whenever one game ends and another starts. In Tweet Hangman, for example, you must guess a hidden word or phrase by answering with letters. Tweet Quiz requires you to guess all of the possible answers to the quiz. A point is awarded for each right estimate that matches the majority. My favorite game, though, was Crack the Code, in which I could go on a clue search. It seems to be in R.I.P status at the moment.

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The concept of playing chess with a distant opponent is not new. Chess Tweets just extends the concept to Twitter. You are not required to register individually. By moving the set pieces and transmitting chess moves using your Twitter account, you may play against one or the whole community. This game might be sluggish at times depending on the replies.

Find out whether you know your followers or pals as well as you think you do by playing Twitter games that put your Tweeting IQ to the test. There’s also a sliding puzzle game.

Bet Your Followers

If you despised losing to your pals in the last game, wager them away in this one. According to this Twitter game, everyone has extra followers. There’s also the fact that if you win the game, you’ll get new followers (and friends). Check out the game to see how it works in action. Don’t worry, your lost followers will simply re-follow you (as long as their egos aren’t damaged), since they will realize they are being “gambled away.”

Atlibs [No Longer Available]

Solve Twitter riddles posted by others or make your own. The amusement comes from the strange replies that are created on the spur of the moment. The site might need a boost, since replies seem to be dwindling. Play this quick and humorous Twitter game if you have a sense of humor.

If you must fight, do so on Tweefight. But make sure your Tweerank is high, since the game takes that into account when pitting you against your arch rival. Moriarty would outwit even Sherlock Holmes if he tweeted more. You may enter a battle by just entering your and your opponent’s usernames.

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This Twitter game is similar to the old game of Bricks, only the bricks are Tweets. Using the arrow keys, stack your Tweets as they fall. You may experiment with your own Tweets, other users’, friends’, or followers’ Tweets, your mentions, or all Tweets with a Hash tag.

ChumpDump is a Twitter game that can be played on an iPhone or Android device. The free software is a Twitter friend management tool, but it filters out the ones that clog your stream in an entertaining and engaging manner. Every day in ChumpDump, the lottery selects a buddy at random from your Twitter friends list, the ones that bore you to death. The program provides information on the selected “friend,” and you can choose whether to save or dump them. Examine the specifics of the point systems and awards.

This is a game that isn’t based on the Twitter API, although it does include the Tweetie bird. It is also addicting. In this Flash-based game, you must shoot as many failed whales as possible in 25 seconds. Why? Because that huge whale is what you see when Twitter goes down. So, reload, shoot, and see how you compare to the rest of the Twitter population (but in the real world, do respect this gentle creature of the deep).

After playing some of these Twitter games, one may conclude that 140 characters can be stretched rather far. Others, especially MMOPRG ones, are expected to push it further in the coming days. The thing to keep in mind is that even if you aren’t playing a Twitter game, your Twitter account may quickly become a source of spam.

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But, which games are you playing? Send us a Tweet or tell us about your favorite Twitter game.

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