10 Powerful Google Chrome PDF Extensions and Apps

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10 Powerful Google Chrome PDF Extensions and Apps

Working with PDF files might be challenging if you do not have professional tools such as Adobe Acrobat to assist you.

However, if you use Chrome, there are various beneficial extensions and applications. There is a PDF utility for practically every purpose, from reading and editing to combining and splitting.

Kami is a sophisticated PDF tool that allows you to browse, annotate, share, and collaborate on PDF files. There is a Chrome extension, and the utility also works on Firefox and Safari.

To get started, simply drag & drop a file or import one from Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox. Then, use the annotation features, which include:

  • Underline, strikethrough, and highlight
  • Add comments
  • Add or select text
  • Draw and erase
  • Split or merge
  • Share, export, or print

Kami is an excellent tool for dealing with PDF files, and the premium subscription adds even more options. However, the free tool provides all of the essentials for reading and altering PDFs.

The program also integrates easily with Google Classroom, making it an excellent tool for distance learning.

Another dependable application for reading, annotating, and altering PDFs on Chrome is Xodo PDF Viewer & Editor. You begin by dragging and dropping a file or importing one from your local computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox, just like Kami. You may then quickly modify and comment using the following features:

  • Underline, strikethrough, and highlight
  • Add comments and collaborate
  • Text, a shape, or a callout may be added.
  • Add a signature, then print or save the document.
  • Merge and organize pages

To collaborate or store anything inside the app, you must first establish a free Xodo account. However, if you just want to utilize the basic capabilities, they work well and the program is simple to use.

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Another solution for reading and altering PDFs is PDF Buddy. When you upload a file from your computer, you have editing tools comparable to the editor in Microsoft Word. Alter the font style and size, add bold and italics, align your paragraphs, or choose a font color. You may additionally utilize the following functionalities in addition to those mentioned above:

  • Highlight or whiteout
  • Transform or use the pen
  • Add your own shapes and symbols.
  • With a free account, you may include a picture or signature.

PDF Buddy is a good option for reading, annotating, and altering PDFs since it has a good set of functionality and a clear interface. You must also create a free account in order to download your finished paper.

If you simply need to combine PDFs, PDF Merge is ideal. If you choose to see the document, this tool will utilize Xodo in the background.

You may, however, just upload your files from a local disk or Google Drive and then click the Merge option. You may save the PDF to Google Drive or download it to your PC. It doesn’t get much simpler than that when it comes to merging PDFs.

Divide PDF is a useful tool if you just split PDF files. You may drag a document from your PC, Dropbox, or Google Drive onto the page. Simply choose a range of pages or extract them all into separate files. If you do the latter, you may change the names of the files as you see fit.

If you are worried about security, you may also activate a secure connection by clicking the link.

Merge PDF – Split PDF might assist if you perform a lot of merging as well as separating. You may use your PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox to upload files.

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Drag and drop the documents into the desired order for merging, or sort them alphabetically. Based on your documents, you may choose between pages, bookmarks, and a table of contents.

You submit your papers the same manner for dividing. Then, just choose how to divide the files from every page to only odd, only even, or specified pages. You can not only combine and divide PDFs, but also compress, rotate, and crop them.

If you need to rapidly convert a document to a PDF, PDF Converter is a useful addon. HTML, pictures, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Open Office, postscript, and text files are all supported by the converter. Simply drag your document into the box, upload it from your local computer, download it from Google Drive, or input its URL.

The document may be converted and sent to you as an option, but if you just click the Convert and Send button, a popup window will emerge. You may then pick to download it, which will take you to Xodo, where you can work with it and save it.

If you need to compress a PDF before emailing or distributing it, Smallpdf.com’s PDF Compressor is an excellent tool. You may drag and drop the document into the box, upload it from your computer, or import it from Dropbox or Google Drive. You will immediately view the original and modified sizes of your PDF. To download it, click the button and you’ll be sent back to Xodo.

Smallpdf.com provides more PDF services, which makes it very useful. In addition to compressing PDFs, you may convert, combine, divide, and protect a file. Each of these choices is easily accessible at the top of the page. However, for a basic compression, it suffices.

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Print-Friendly & PDF is a simple application that allows you to save a web page as a PDF. You may change the font size, delete photos, and choose between letter and A4 page sizes. If you wish to remove a section of the page, just click to delete it.

This Chrome tool also has an email capability for sending the page, as well as a well presented PDF print-friendly version. Print Friendly & PDF does the job for something as simple as downloading a web page as a PDF.

10. PDF Viewer

If you come across a PDF on a website and want to examine it without downloading it, PDF Viewer is a useful tool. Simply input the URL of the PDF, and it will appear in the browser window without the need for a reader. If you want to download the file after watching it, you may do so.

PDF Viewer works with more than simply PDF files. Without the need for extra software, Word and Excel documents, text files, and photos may all be read. You may also use your PC, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox to upload a file. However, the convenience comes into play when you merely want to browse an online file.

There are several PDF utilities available for Chrome. Whatever you select, you’ll be pleased with the variety of alternatives that each provides.

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