10 Fun Texting Games to Play on Chat With Friends and Family

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10 Fun Texting Games to Play on Chat With Friends and Family

To play games with your pals, you do not need to download any additional programs. Text-based games may be hours of fun in and of itself, and all you need is SMS text messaging or a chat program like WhatsApp or iMessage.

There are several amazing text and chat games to play, and we’ll help you find the greatest ones in this post.

The majority of these texting and talking games are straightforward. And they may give free entertainment for family and friends of all ages and interests.

Games to Play Over Text or Chat

While there are many free mobile games available without commercials or in-app purchases, there are times when you want to play something even simpler. These games may be played over text or chat without having to download and install another app on your phone.

1. Story Builder

a page of a book
Image Credit: Laura/Flickr

I tell tales for pleasure as a writer. However, even non-writers who find it difficult to construct worlds, characters, and narratives on their own might enjoy this easy game.

Tale Builder allows one of you to start the story by texting a phrase to the other. The second sentence of the tale is then messaged back to the first individual. Over the course of numerous messages or a chat thread, the two of you slowly but steadily construct a tale.

Sentences with a certain amount of words or characters, or even sentences with precisely 160 characters, are examples of variations (which is how many characters an SMS text message can handle).

2. 20 Questions

a giant question mark sculpture
Image Credit: Alexander Henning Drachmann/Flickr

This is the original 20 Questions format, which originated in the United States and has inspired several radio and television series. The principle of this game is simple, yet success takes a certain level of intellect.

One of you considers an item or person, while the other asks them questions through text or a chat app. Your “Yes/No” replies reduce the alternatives until the guesser can make an informed guess as to what you were thinking.

Variations include restricting the thing under consideration to a certain genre. You may also change the amount of questions the guesser can ask.

3. I Spy

a woman holding a magnifying glass to her eye
Image Credit: Courtney Emery/Flickr
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This is the traditional I Spy game, which has been a family favorite for years. We’ve all played this as kids to pass the time on lengthy car rides. And the version played via a text or chat app is just as entertaining.

Begin by informing your opponent of your location in order to give them a fighting chance. Then scan your surroundings until your mind’s eye focuses on anything specific. Your opponent must then determine what you have observed using just the first letter of the item.

Giving hints after each negative reaction to a false guess is one variation, as is restricting the amount of guesses permitted.

4. Song Lyrics

a giant musical note as graffiti on a wall
Image Credit: Michael Coghlan/Flickr

You’ll recognize specific phrases from various songs if you’re not just interested in instrumental music. Most individuals have been touched by song lyrics in some manner, whether because of an emotional bond or just because they sound nice together.

The Song Lyrics game capitalizes on this by having one individual text or message lyrics from a song to the other. The other individual must then guess which song the lyrics are from. It helps if you play this with someone you know or who has similar musical likes to you.

Variations include legendary movie lines and game plots. If you don’t guess properly, you could have to call in and perform the song’s chorus to your opponent.

5. Abbreviations

a building with colored signs on
Image Credit: Michael Coghlan/Flickr

As you can see from our list of internet acronyms you should know, abbreviations are everywhere. It’s even feasible to condense your whole existence by expressing what you’re doing to using just the initial letters of each word.

To play Abbreviations, one of you abbreviates the present task you’re doing. For example, “In a coffee shop in town” becomes “IACSIT,” and the other person attempts to restore your brief phrase to its original form. Be prepared for some harsh responses.

Giving more than just the initial letter of each word and abbreviating anything other than your present activity are examples of variations. For example, what you really think about the guy you’re competing against.

6. List Builder

We all create to-do lists. They include everything from our daily duties to our life goals; from the foods we need to the electronics we wish to acquire in the future. Making lists as a game may be a lot of fun, particularly in a messaging thread.

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List Builder is a competitive game in which each participant takes turns naming something from a certain genre. This might include capital cities, performers from a certain film series, or anything else that comes to mind. The last person to correctly add an item to the list wins.

Going through the alphabet one letter at a time is one variation, as is requiring the following response to begin with the same letter as the previous answer.

7. Where Am I?

Where Am I
Image Credit: Steve Cadman/Flickr

We all carry smartphones since we are not constantly at home. As a result, this game is ideal for playing on your mobile device.

In Where Am I?, each player takes turns describing one aspect of their surroundings while the other attempts to identify where they are. You may make it as simple or as difficult as you like by altering the degree of information you provide to your opponent.

Variations on the game include restricting it to a home, with the right answer being the room you’re in, or asking which store in town you’re in. You may also substitute Who Am I With? Instead, describe the individual or persons that are with you.

8. Kiss, Marry, Kill

two shadows kissing
Image Credit: Jeremy Vandel/Flickr

You may recognize Kiss, Marry, Kill as something else. The Kiss, for example, may be more passionate than a simple kiss on the cheek. However, the essential principle remains the same, and the game is enjoyable as long as no offense is taken by the answers provided.

“Kiss, Marry, Kill?” asks one person after naming three persons, either celebrities or someone you both know. The other person must then decide which of the three they would kiss, marry, and murder. All in good fun, you understand.

Variations include adding names to the mix that you know will irritate your buddy. Alternatively, you may change the question totally. The sky’s the limit with this one as long as there are three options and three names in the mix.

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9. What If…?

a woman pondering a difficult question
Image Credit: Anton Petukhov/Flickr

If you’re prone to daydreaming, you’ve probably heard of the notion of What If? Once one of these possibilities occurs to you, you may spend several minutes determining which choice you would choose in that circumstance. This is ideal material for a texting game.

One of you sends a What If? scenario to the other and asks what they would do in that case. There are no right or wrong responses here. It’s not only entertaining to observe the comments, but it may also provide insight into your friend’s or family member’s attitude on life.

Variations include keeping the question open-ended and accepting any response, or providing multiple choice answers and requiring the other person to choose one of them.

10. Simple Quiz

a pub quiz sheet with answers
Image Credit: James Cridland/Flickr

Quizzes of any type may be entertaining, even if they are ostensibly designed to test your intelligence. They don’t have to be lengthy, drawn-out events with a quiz master asking tough questions and laughing as you struggle to find the answers.

Simple Quiz, which takes the shape of a texting game that can be played in a chat app, asks one of you to message the other with a general knowledge question. The other person must then attempt to offer the proper response or, if they are too stupid, the best joking answer conceivable.

Variations include making this a test of web surfing abilities, with the goal of finding the answer online in the lowest amount of time feasible.

These Texting Games Can Provide Hours of Fun

These games vary in difficulty from beginner to advanced. They are, however, all very playable between any two (or more) persons using mobile phones.

Remember that, although most people will use a chat program like Messenger or Telegram, they are also playable through SMS text messages.

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