10 Free Mobile Road Trip Games to Help Pass Long Car Trips

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10 Free Mobile Road Trip Games to Help Pass Long Car Trips

Family car vacations may be exciting, but when they go too long, they become tedious. Fortunately, there are a plethora of excellent road trip games for Android and iOS that will keep everyone entertained throughout the journey.

The games listed below include online multiplayer, local multiplayer through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and even single-player experiences. (You may utilize any of these in-car Wi-Fi alternatives to play games that need internet connectivity.)

They all have one thing in common: they’ll keep you and your family entertained while you journey to your holiday destination.

1. Plates Free Family Travel Game

What is the one thing you see the most frequently when travelling for hours on the highway? Number plates.

That is what makes this the ideal road trip game. It covers all of the plates you’ll see from Mexico, Canada, and the United States. The goal is simple: each player must collect plates from as many states or regions as possible before the journey is done.

The individual with the highest score at the conclusion of the journey is the winner. Because each player’s phone maintains their score, this game does not need a network connection.

You may also use a note-taking software to keep track of each player’s score if you want.

Download: Plates Free Family Travel Game for Android (Free)

Download: States and Plates Free for iOS (Free)

2. What If

What If is another enjoyable road trip game. This simply needs one person in the vehicle to use their phone to operate it. That individual may pose the question and either conduct a poll of everyone in the vehicle or ask each question to one passenger in turn.

The fun element of the game is seeing whether the majority of players agreed with your solution. It’s fascinating to observe how people respond to some of these bizarre questions!

Download: What If for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite

If you like playing networked games with other people in the vehicle, you should certainly check out Family’s Game Travel Pack.

The program offers 50 conventional games such as Sudoku, Chess, Crazy Eights, and others. To connect and play these games with other players in the vehicle, they must also install the app and have either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled.

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These traditional games are a great way to spend the time. However, if you listen to them while driving, you’ll be shocked at how quickly the time passes.

Even if no one else is accessible in the automobile to play with you, there is an offline option to play with the game’s AI. If you just like board games, you may go online and play free board games via your browser.

Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite for Android | iOS Download (Free)

4. Pictoword

Word games are excellent party games. And fantastic party games often become excellent car trip games. This one is no different.

The game is straightforward. The software displays two images that symbolize the same word. You may guess by using the jumbled letters beneath.

It’s a wonderful one-player puzzle to kill time on the road, but you can easily transform it into a multiplayer game by passing your phone around and taking turns.

Download: Pictoword for Android | iOS (Free)

5. Fun Run 3: Arena

If you have a family data plan, Fun Run 3 is an absolute blast to play. It’s a multiplayer online game in which you compete against gamers from all around the globe.

The touch controls are straightforward. To leap, tap up, and to duck or slide, press down.

You’ll compete against three other actual internet gamers to see who can reach the finish line first. The higher your finish position, the more points you get.

This is a terrific game for a lone kid to play on a lengthy car ride. They won’t have to worry about finding someone to play with them since there are always online gamers available.

Download: Fun Run Free: Arena for Android | iOS (Free)

6. DUAL!

DUAL! is a phone-to-phone game that you may play with the person sitting next to you. Simply install it on your phone and have a buddy do the same on theirs. Check that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on.

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This game is unusual in that it blends two phone displays into one. Hold the phones together so that the top ends touch. It’s a retro Atari-style shooting game that’s a lot of fun to play.

The only limitation of this game is that you have to be physically sitting next to the person you’re playing with, and only two people can play. But as a backseat road trip game for two kids (or adults) to play, it’s great fun.

Download: DUAL! for Android | iOS (Free)

7. Psych!

After the highly successful Heads Up!, Ellen DeGeneres is back with another fun family game called Psych! It’s great for holiday parties, but also fits for long car trips.

There are four “decks” available to play: a truth game, movie trivia, a word game, or a true/false facts game.

Thanks to the way the game lays out its rules, you can have a lot of fun if you’re a bit witty. For example, the “Is That a Fact?” game asks players to answer a fact. You can either provide a truthful answer, or a fake one.

If you’re convincing enough, you could probably fool everyone into believing your fake answer. It’s a complete riot to play with friends or family, and it passes the time quickly. You won’t want to stop playing even once you reach your destination.

Download: Psych! for Android | iOS (Free)

8. Racers Vs Cops

Racers Vs Cops will appeal to fans of auto racing games. In this game, you compete against a buddy in a crazy road pursuit.

The aim of the game is for the racer player to reach the finish line first, or for the policeman player to go ahead of the racer and cut them off just short of the finish line.

If you don’t have someone to play against, there’s also a single-player option. The controls are simpler than in other mobile racing games, with the throttle and brake located in the bottom corners of the screen. The sound effects and steering sensitivity are spot on.

Download: Racers Vs Cops for Android | iOS (Free)

9. Battleships: Fleet Battle

If you’ve ever played the traditional game Battleship, you’ll understand how fantastic this digital version is.

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You have the option of playing single player versus AI, online multiplayer, or local multiplayer. Place your battleships properly, since the aim of this game is to blow your opponent’s battleships up before they blow up all of yours.

If you believe those rules are too easy to be entertaining, you’re in for a surprise. I dare you to play just one round of this game. It may quickly pass many hours in the blink of an eye, making it ideal for a road trip!

Download: Battleships: Fleet Battle for Android | iOS (Free)

10. Tank 1990 HD

Tank 1990 is a must-have for fans of classic console games. The game is exactly what it sounds like: a multiplayer version of Tank 1990. You and your pals may play over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The rules are straightforward for those who have never played the game before. Navigate your tank through the gaps in the brick walls and shoot the opposing tanks before they fire you.

But be cautious. Tanks may blast a hole through the brickwork, so use caution! It’s exhilarating, a little nerve-racking, and a lot of fun to play this game with friends.

Download: Super Tank for Android (Free)

Download: Battle City–Super Tank for iOS (Free)

Playing Road Trip Games on the Go

Remember that only passengers should play games while traveling. Drivers must maintain their focus on the road! However, for the rest of the passengers, any of these road trip activities will help them pass the time without becoming bored. You may appreciate these iOS and Android combat games, as well as these Android bingo games.

Check out our suggestions for future vacations. Aside from travel plans, here’s how to locate new mobile games worth playing at any time!

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