10 DIY Laptop Stands You Can Make This Weekend

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10 DIY Laptop Stands You Can Make This Weekend

If your profession requires a lot of computer, purchasing a laptop stand might help you be more productive. Unfortunately, they are extremely expensive—especially if you choose one of the nicer models.

Fortunately, if you choose, you may create your own. Here are some DIY laptop stands that will allow you to type comfortably, organize your workstation, and preserve your laptop from overheating.

1. A Foldable Laptop Stand Using Cardboard

Making a portable laptop stand out of a cardboard box seems interesting, so here’s your opportunity. This is a basic DIY project for beginners or older children. A ruler, pencil, and cereal box are necessary, as well as an X-Acto knife, durable wrapping paper, and 502 CA glue.

After folding the stand, you may use two tiny neodymium magnets to secure it in place. The frame folds flat, making it simple to transport while you’re on the go. Despite its simplicity, this project will make you feel like a genius when you show it to your friends.

2. Shoe Box Laptop Stand

When you need a break from a flat keyboard, you don’t have to spend a lot on an adjustable stainless-steel stand. Believe it or not, a shoebox lying around the home may be simply transformed into a stylish stand.

A box cutter, ruler, tape, and a marker pen are all required extras. You may make it appear more expensive by painting it or covering it with ribbons. Most shoe boxes can carry 13-inch computers, although larger ones may be accommodated if required.

3. PVC Laptop Stand

It’s time to put to use the PVC pipes that were left at your property after the plumber repaired your drainage system. Aside from providing an elevated elevation to avoid neck strain, the pipes in this project house all of your cords, organizing your area.

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This is a simple project. PVC pipes, four tee joints, four elbow joints, and some paint are required. The plan is to build a two-tier stand, with the top shelf holding the laptop and the bottom providing support. This design also allows for laptop ventilation.

4. Bamboo Laptop Stand

The bamboo laptop stand is a simple and inexpensive craft. It requires little work to finish, making it ideal for novices. The technique comprises measuring, cutting, and gluing various pieces without the need of complex instruments.

You may remove the outer shell to offer a soft touch and a more premium appearance. However, since it is not robust enough to travel about, utilize this laptop stand at your home office.

5. Laptop Bubble Stand

A laptop bubble stand is not only functional but also fashionable. So, why not give it a go this weekend? It’s a project you can do in a short length of time, and the supplies are inexpensive and widely accessible. An acrylic sheet, a ruler, oven mitts, plywood scrap, a heat gun, and a laser cutter are all required.

To produce a sturdy form, grasp the acrylic at a 90-degree angle toward the floor. This will keep your laptop from swaying while typing. The attractive stand keeps the laptop cool by leaving ample room on the bottom for optimal ventilation.

6. Plywood Laptop Stand

Make this clever and low-cost stand to reduce neck and shoulder ache while working. The design is beginner-friendly, with an interlocking cross constructed of two plywood sections that makes transporting feasible. A jigsaw, sandpaper or belt sander, scissors, disc sander, square file, orbital sander, plywood, and PVA adhesive are needed.

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Beginners may design a template for the two interlocking crosses to help cutting the plywood easier. Make two stands: one for your home workplace and one for traveling.

7. Cardboard Laptop Stand

With this smart idea, you can raise your laptop’s screen to a more ergonomic height. You simply need a bakelite sheet and two square wooden sticks now that you have a cardboard box sitting around the home.

The assembly method is simple since you simply need to measure, mark, and cut the necessary patterns. This stand may be used on your bed or at your home office. If you maintain a cardboard stand free from drink spills, it will endure a long time.

8. Curved Wood Laptop Stand

This is your chance to makesomething unique using limited tools. You’ll need materials such as plywood, jigsaw, boiled linseed oil, wood glue, masking tape, real wood veneer, and an orbital sander. The stand is a reliable choice for people with less working space, andit also ensures quick access to all ports.

Use a sharp knife when cutting the veneer sheet to achieve a clean cut. The boiled linseed oil adds a layer of protection.

You also can’t go wrong with some LED decorations on your wooden laptop stand. If this sounds interesting to you, there are plenty of LED DIY projects you can try.

9. Pallet Wood Laptop Stand

You can reclaim pallet wood lying around your nearest construction site, backyard, or local store by making this unique laptop stand. Pallet wood brings an eclectic style to your workspace. The portability and efficiency of this stand allow you to convert any space in your house into a workspace.

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This project is fun and easy to complete provided you have a design in mind. You’ll need pallet wood, a set square, a pencil, different clamps, rubber mallet, a circular saw, a dowel kit, an orbital sander with grit, a paint brush, wood varnish, and wood glue.

10. Acrylic Laptop Stand

You’d be surprised at how an acrylic laptop stand will make your workspace more organized and presentable. Acrylic stands create a feeling of openness as they allow light to pass through. All you need for this project is a design for your laptop stand, exact measurements locked into an illustrator and a laser cutter to do the job.

It’s a good idea to make a smaller prototype of your design and cut it first to see how feasible it is. If the prototype is successful, you may proceed with the grand laptop stand. Remember to maintain a favorable angle to avoid neck discomfort.

An acrylic laptop stand might be a conversation item, but you’ll appreciate something more. Check out these simple DIY devices that can brighten up your home.

Challenge Yourself

Hopefully, the projects above will inspire you to create your own laptop stand. Almost all of the projects we’ve discussed are suitable for beginners and need just a few easily accessible supplies. When managed properly, the stands may survive for years. Even better, you may personalize them to suit your preferences.

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