10 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Google Nest Speaker

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10 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Google Nest Speaker

Do you have a Google Nest smart speaker? This intelligent voice assistant is among the finest in its field. It accomplishes its job well, but there are some intriguing things you can do with it that aren’t immediately obvious. Here are some fun methods you can use right now to get more out of your Google Nest speaker.

1. Turn Your Google Nest Speaker Into Your Personal Interpreter

You’ve got a smart speaker, so why not put it to use? Simply put:

“Hey Google, be my [supported language] interpreter”.

Google’s smart speaker will do just that: translate conversations into several languages. This is a fantastic approach to improve your language abilities while making friends with someone who does not speak your native language.

For this functionality, the Google Nest speaker presently supports 32 languages and is continually trying to add more so that everyone may experience this amazing function.

2. Make Duo Calls With Your Speakers or Displays

Do you like Google’s video calling app Duo? You may also utilize your Nest speaker for this. Simply put:

“Hey Google, call [contact name] on Duo.”

Voice assistants are becoming better at identifying names, so don’t be concerned if the contact has more than one or two aliases. This is a fantastic method for relatives and friends to stay in contact and converse in person, even if they live on the other side of the globe.

There are several Google Duo services you may utilize, such as making calls from your phone’s Dialler app or sending texts so your pals can see what you’re doing to even when you can’t communicate.

3. Enable Guest Mode

There is a specific Guest Mode if you want to share your Nest with others but don’t want them to have access to the rest of your Google devices. It’s quite easy to enable; just say:

“Hey Google, turn on guest mode.”

Everyone who uses the device will only have access to the features that are particular to guest mode. This is ideal for sharing your smartphone with guests while maintaining your privacy, and you can even amuse them using Google Home. Your speaker may serve as a concierge for everyone visiting your house, from playing games to giving the day’s headlines.

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4. Track Packages Out for Delivery

This one is for you if you prefer to keep track of delivery. Simply put:

“Hey Google, track my package.”

When a new tracking update is received, the speaker will instantly access your Gmail account and tell you.

It is not necessary to check your email every hour to see whether the shipment has arrived. Be more productive by delegating all tasks to your smart speaker. It is only one of many things that make life easier.

5. Find Out What’s Playing on TV

You’ve had a hard day and have finally arrived home to rest, so you switch on the television. But what were you looking at? The most recent episode of your favorite program was the last thing you remembered.

Luckily, there is a command that will help:

“Hey Google, what’s on TV?”

The Google Nest speaker will get the information and begin playing it, allowing you to see who is in each program and what it is all about. It’s much simpler if you have a Chromecast, which you can operate with your voice.

You can then ask your Nest speaker to do things like increase the volume, pause, or even stop the program. No more searching for the remote or trying to remember where you put it.

6. Keep Your Home Secure

There are various things you can do with Nest devices to increase your home security. Smart alarm systems, for example, will immediately ring if someone attempts to break through the front door while you are not around.

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If you are away from home but want to check in on things, just say:

“Hey Google, I’m leaving home.”

This allows the speaker to examine your Nest security system to ensure that everything is in working order. If anything goes wrong, you’ll get a notice on your phone.

A solid smart home security system, along with the Google Nest speaker, is an excellent method to protect your house and family. It’s one less thing to think about while you’re not there.

7. Find Your Lost Belongings

Being a forgetful person might be challenging, but your Google Nest speaker can assist you.

Wouldn’t it be great if the speaker could inform you where you left an essential item?

Here’s how to do it:

“Hey Google, remember my [important thing].”

For example, “Remember my passport is in the bottom drawer of my nightstand.”

This will let your device store that information and then tell you where to look when needed. You can also use this command to find out what day you asked for something to be remembered.

8. Order an Uber

You’re in a rush to get to that important meeting on time, but you just realized you forgot your wallet at home.

Luckily, this isn’t a problem anymore because Google has partnered with Uber to make it easier for you to catch your ride without worrying about cash or cards.

All you have to say is:

“Hey Google, order me an Uber.”

Then sit back while the speaker calls up a car. You can track it on your phone, so you know when to get ready and head out.

9. Get Help With Your Homework

When we were kids, our parents would often tell us to do our homework. That was before the era of voice assistants. Now, with the smart speakers in almost every household, it’s like having an automated teacher that does all of our school work for us.

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If you’re doing homework, simply say:

“Hey Google, it’s homework time.”

Google will offer to help with just about anything—from history lessons on ancient wars or math homework problems for younger kids who need some extra tutoring time. You can always take a break and have a laugh with Google Home by asking it to tell you some jokes.

Just remember that it can’t do everything for you. You’ll still have to put in some effort if you want good grades.

10. Delete Your Voice History

If you’ve had your smart speaker for a time, it’s likely that it has some fascinating data on it. Did you aware that the product maintains track of all of its users’ requests?

Fortunately, you can remove this information anytime you choose. Simply put:

“Hey, Google, please remove anything I said [today/this week/month/year].”

The gadget will conduct the process automatically, so you can rest certain that nothing will be lost.

Hey Google, What’s Next?

Google Nest speakers are fantastic additions to any house. They’re simple to use and quite adaptable, so you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.

You can use your Google Nest speaker to its maximum capacity now that you’ve seen these fascinating methods.

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