10 Best Comprehensive Websites to Go to for Game Cheat Codes

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10 Best Comprehensive Websites to Go to for Game Cheat Codes

We were taught that cheating was a capital offense. However, the folks who say it don’t seem to be video gamers by any means. Given the abundance of websites that provide cheat codes and other tutorials, one might be forgiven for thinking that knowing cheat codes and remembering which ones to use is a gaming super-skill in and of itself.

Video games are inherently difficult; it’s only that cheat codes make them more fascinating. Cheat codes are a cornerstone of the gaming culture, from 8-bit games to today’s massively multiplayer online games and even Facebook games like Farmville.

Use them or abhor them, here are ten gaming websites to go to for game cheat codes.

The CAPTCHA guarded entry is irksome, but beyond that CheatCodes.com is one of the more popular game cheat code sites around. The site has been there cataloging them all since 1996, so the breadth and depth is pretty impressive. The site is neatly sub-divided by the gaming platforms – from PC games to even Nintendo 3DS. Many of the cheat codes have been submitted by users themselves. You can look into the game details and also print out the cheat codes.

Games Radar is primarily a game review and news site with assorted resources like playing guides, buying tips, walkthroughs, and of course a section for game cheats. You can browse them by platform or go alphabetically. Games Radar covers all the major platforms and a few less popular ones like the Sega Saturn games. Games Radar also lists unlockable games if the main games have one (or few) (or few).You can also submit your own tip here.

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Cheathappens.com is a dedicated website on cheat codes and PC trainers. It also includes game reviews, wallpapers, guides, and has a message board. The site has been online since 2002 and has a mix of free and premium offerings. Premium members get first dibs at some of the games cheats and trainers that are developed in-house, which are later released to the public. Cheathappens.com also features a cheats glossary and trainer tutorials among its resources.

The site’s Cheats And Codes Archive covers 56 platforms from the classic gaming days to today’s current crop. The cheats, codes, and hints library also includes FAQs, strategy guides, as well as CodeBreaker, GameShark, and Action Replay codes. The site is very simple and utilitarian but the information at first glance does seem to be very extensive. The listing is in the style of a directory.


GameSpot is a part of a larger group of media properties and is super-focused on game reviews. The site has channels for every major gaming platform though social games like those on Facebook are absent and the number of cheats if also selective. Each game has its own page with a listing of unlockables, cheats, secrets, and Easter Eggs.

The 1999 launched site features walkthroughs, an advanced questions and answers features to help gamers with the exact game help that they need, and a bunch of exclusive guides for top games. The site is arranged around the platforms (from PS3 to SNES) and that makes it easy to find the content. You can also go by the ‘Most Popular’ and the ‘Latest’ lists. The listing is vast as at last count, the PC channel alone had 5201 cheats and 2002 walkthroughs. In total the site has 10,432 games, 2,002 walkthroughs across all platforms.

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This site’s material consists of cheats, trainers, demos, patches, modifications, emulators, fixes, and so forth. The site has almost 9000 different games. The primary emphasis of the hardcore gaming site is on PC and console games.

Cheat codes for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, PSP, and iPhone games are available on the gaming and entertainment website, which also has video game reviews, news, interviews, and previews. The site itself is at the top in its category and is extremely well structured, with each game getting its own wiki. The cheats are detailed in more depth, almost in the form of a blog post. The vast majority of cheats are supplied by users.

The website includes 13000 games and a detailed list of the most common hacks. Classic games and the Nokia N-Gage are also featured. You may search the forums for other cheats and ask around for help.

Chapter Cheats has the appearance and feel of a handful of the sites mentioned above. The database is divided into three sections: Top Games, Upcoming Games, and Latest Cheats and Walkthroughs. There is a detailed Q&A section that will answer any of your gaming questions. Each game has its own website where you can learn about unlockables and other game features.

Between these ten cheat code websites and the three we previously covered in 3 Great Sources For Computer Game Walkthroughs and Cheats, you have more than enough of a leg up on the levels. Other resources we have discussed include:

There are several more where these came from. Tell us about your best place to find game hacks. How frequently do you rely on them?

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