10 Awesome Free Documentaries That You Can Watch Online

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10 Awesome Free Documentaries That You Can Watch Online

Do you like watching documentaries? Do you like to watch them for free? You’ve come to the correct spot.

Free documentaries exist in a range of formats and are created for a variety of causes. The majority of them try to educate the spectator about a certain issue, such as conflict, the environment, or health. Documentaries may also be utilized to educate viewers and provide them with a fresh perspective. They primarily serve to emphasize our earlier errors so that they do not reoccur “” which is why it is important to monitor them. Many documentaries nowadays attempt to integrate beautiful images and music to hold the viewer’s interest while viewing.

Here are some of the greatest free full-length documentaries accessible online.


Michael Moore’s Sicko isn’t for everyone, but it’s a critical look at the world’s medical institutions. If you’re not a fan of Michael Moore, be assured that he refrains from giving his signature furious interviews in this film (not entirely, though).Instead, it’s a qualitative examination of different medical systems across the globe, conducted mostly via interviews with ordinary people about their experiences with their own system. The findings were pretty interesting, and I would suggest it to anybody interested in learning more about how health care operates throughout the globe.

If you like Michael Moore, you should also see Bowling for Columbine.


Religulous is a documentary that explores the absurdity of organized religion. Bill Maher doesn’t only chat to folks at one religion “” he talks to people at many other places of worship, including little chapels like Truckers’ Chapels. However, by pointing out problems and strange customs, he effectively ends himself on the wrong side of almost every religion he analyzes. He participates in theological conversation with a wide range of individuals, including one man who portrays Jesus in a religious theme park.

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Keep an eye out for a significant interview with a senator that resulted in one really foolish comment.


The film Earthlings is about how people treat the other living things on the world. It mostly focuses on everyday commercial operations that benefit from animals. As you can expect, seeing it from this angle does not show us in the best light.

The video includes stunning nature images, voice-overs by Joaquin Phoenix, and music by Moby.

Invisible Children

In 2003, three adolescents traveled Africa in search of something worthy of attention and filmed the film [NO LONGER WORKS] Invisible Children. They ultimately arrived in Northern Uganda, where they saw youngsters enduring the consequences of a 20-year conflict in which child soldiers were used.


Home is an excellent documentary on the planet and the delicate balance that keeps life on it going. Even if you believe you already know all the film will teach you, it will serve as a strong reminder. Yann Arthus-Bertrand directed the picture, which was produced by Luc Besson and featured a voice-over by Glenn Close. Throughout the film, you can’t help but notice the beautiful cinematography. It’s both lovely and fascinating.

After The Fall

After the Fall is a film about the physical and emotional memories of the Berlin Wall ten years after it fell. The video displays breathtaking sights of Berlin while interviewing folks who lived in Berlin at the time.

Man With A Camera

Because The Man With A Camera is both a documentary and an experimental work of art, it has become one of the first films that cinema students are advised to view. Dziga Vertov’s film’s concept is multi-layered and intriguing: It’s ostensibly a documentary about living in the Soviet Union, a documentary about the making of that documentary, and a documentary about the audience reaction to the documentary. This documentary, however, has no footage from the original film. That’s quite meta.

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The Fog Of War: Eleven Lessons From The Life Of Robert S. McNamara

[NO LONGER OPERATES] The Fog of War is an enthralling look into the US government’s judgments on the Cuban Missile Crisis and Vietnam policy. Robert McNamara teaches viewers 11 lessons from those choices that we may all use to avoid making the same errors. Philip Glass composed the film music to complement the frightening images, and it perfectly suits the stunning picture.

Super Size Me

Super Size Me is a food and health experiment. Morgan Spurlock earned a Sundance Prize for this shocking look at how junk eating affects your health. He also investigates how junk food is promoted to youngsters and how junk food marketing influences our decisions.

The Corporation

The Corporation delves at the notion of a corporation, its purpose, and how corporations came to acquire the powers they possess. The film also examines companies, asking what kind of person they would be if they had the same rights as “a person.”

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You may also be interested in these free documentaries.

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